Inspired by Dali

Lesbian, LGBTQ

I stood on the brink!
On the edge & I yelled as loud as I could:

I will go the edge of the world for you! Do you hear me?

She grabbed my hand and steadied me back on solid ground
I felt the wind blasting against my face
Not as loud as my heart was pounding.

She moved me.
Next to her.

Where I belonged.

She never let go.

Caressing my cheek
I felt my knees go weak
As she got on her knees


She placed my hand on her heart
& this is where the tears start


Is where the Fear starts

And where we acknowledge our humanity and agree
that this is where Fear ends

Cuz all that heals and all that amends…
Is Love

She stood up and got right on that ledge

Lightening struck and thunder pled

My Love, I have waited this long. You found me and I found you.
I don’t need you to go anywhere, but here….
My Sõl…

My Soul,
My Heart,

I Come In Peace

Waves crashing on Pacific coast 🌊

Love is not chasing…a ghost

It’s Presence
It’s one of the Universe’s greatest presents

& we got that shit.

I stood up quick
off Love

& this beautiful being before me

Love ❤
The most powerful D.R.U.G.

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