An Artist. Creator.

Air Sun, Fire Moon, Water Rising…experience.

A Lover…of fresh brewed teas, love-filled embraces & humans who feel like soul food.

Spiritual being having a human ass experience.

I love me, so I am able to extend that love you & your beautiful + authentic expression(s).

come as you are

as you were

as you want YOU to be:

Every butch, daddi, high femme, queer, witch, Boi, trans, punk, dyke, lez, bi, gender nonconforming, gay, nonbinary, queen, king…& any other label you may (or may not- my fave) identify with.

This Is for YOU

For me. For Us.

Much Respect to all those before me…Give thanks for my Ancestors who sacrificed, bled, hung & burned so that I may be able to Be.

Give thanks for the pioneers, artists, creators, etc. hereafter.

Keep expressing your truth, your love, your passions.

Love to you in your moments,

Syn, the Sun 🌞 AKA Black Boi Magick


Lesbians & LUST just go together! Don’t they?!

yes. so…
I have this delicious book of Lesbian Erotica that I self published a few years ago. This e-book is for purchase by special order only.


If you wanna see my Instagram comings & goings & for more content:

Instagram: Black_Boi_Magick

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