I like to randomly pop in & show my face ☀


& very…no, extremely shamelessly plug stuff! 😎

It’s me ☝ Syncere 👋
The owner, writer, creator (wait not creator… Actually that’s more WordPress’ thing since im using their app, lol) but the one responsible for the writing + content of this fire ass, Queer ass Blog!
Well, I like think its fire 🔥 So it is! Lol

To ALL of my Readers, Followers, Fellow Writers, Bloggers, Artists, Poets, My Exes, Friends, Witches, Romans, Countryfolk, etc, etc, etc…

I want to express my sincerest Gratitude and say THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking this journey with me and supporting me along the way. I truly appreciate the Love. and the hate 😌 Ya gotta take the good with the bad. It’s all energy and energy is currency. I, an alchemist take that hating ass shit and transform it to love that fuels my power. So, all the energy that I receive, thank you ❤

cuz I Am One LOVED motherfucker!!

So, I gotta share it!

if you wanna read more of my erotic stuff:
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Again, Thank you, thank you!
Just by reading you are supporting Art! Look how cultured you are! Lol!

Peace, Love & Eternal Blessings to each and every one of you.
One Love
~Syncere, the Sun

Mind/Soul over latter

Lesbian, LGBTQ

Like attracts Like…
& like Stevie says:
“Until the day that You are Me and I Am You” #illbelovingyouforever

& we could go to a land sans
& you will never
doubt the word “Love” whenever-
It is uttered…

How can I discover
The abyss of you
Cuz your beauty transcends physical
Your heart- the shyt that makes Shakespearean sonnets lyrical

Frida Kahlo’s muse
Basquiat to Fitzgeralds blues
That made her sing tunes in tune with the moon’s-
Inexplicable attraction to the water

New. & Wet 💦

Streaming & thriving from love and pain
The extraction of shame
I give you honesty as we…exchange flames 🔥

In the heat of the night
I got your body feelin just right

A kiss.

One taste of your wetness helps me take flight…

High as fuck
We High as Love
…you know how deep that is???!


Inspired by Dali

Lesbian, LGBTQ

I stood on the brink!
On the edge & I yelled as loud as I could:

I will go the edge of the world for you! Do you hear me?

She grabbed my hand and steadied me back on solid ground
I felt the wind blasting against my face
Not as loud as my heart was pounding.

She moved me.
Next to her.

Where I belonged.

She never let go.

Caressing my cheek
I felt my knees go weak
As she got on her knees


She placed my hand on her heart
& this is where the tears start


Is where the Fear starts

And where we acknowledge our humanity and agree
that this is where Fear ends

Cuz all that heals and all that amends…
Is Love

She stood up and got right on that ledge

Lightening struck and thunder pled

My Love, I have waited this long. You found me and I found you.
I don’t need you to go anywhere, but here….
My Sõl…

My Soul,
My Heart,

I Come In Peace

Waves crashing on Pacific coast 🌊

Love is not chasing…a ghost

It’s Presence
It’s one of the Universe’s greatest presents

& we got that shit.

I stood up quick
off Love

& this beautiful being before me

Love ❤
The most powerful D.R.U.G.

Give Me Love

Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc, sexuality

So…I heard you went to the dark side. So, does she have you worshiping the devil.

    • Me:

Don’t start. YOU of all people, please. Dont start that Judge Judy shit.

Besides being this beautiful ass Bruja, she’s fucking amazing. Incredible. A Goddess. She loves me sweetly. & completely.

    She. Rolled her eyes

Yeah it means the Universe to me when a woman, the woman that I am caring for & could possibly be Loving Forever gives a fuck and shows it.

Fuck. Be happy for my ass. She cares, G.

I Care!

I know that.

But she shows it.
And…I don’t have to guess if I’m on her mind, she tells me! & it’s not 7 or 8 days after we’ve seen each other, either.

    • Her:

That’s not fair! You knew the situation!

Yes, that’s why I chose me over your sexy, beautiful…gorgeous, albeit moody Cancer ♋️ ass.

I accepted that you and I weren’t aligning in the ways we needed to. I had to let go. I had to love me more and know my worthiness of more than a part time love affair. And once I did that…she showed up.

This woman manifested when I  was doing my best to not lose hope in Californian women…She reminded me of Love, again G. Not just any Love, but the realest, truest most Divine love.

My heart feels safe with her. I feel like…she wants the best for me. No matter what the fuck she and I are doing or if we were to part ways because our time together was done…

(I Smile from within)

She’s concerned. & asks me how my day is. She sends me amazing books to read. She looks up recipes from back home and calls my mum to make sure she is making dishes that my grandmother used to make, right. The magnitude of care…of her love for me…is immeasurable.

I FEEL her love. I see it…and, her love makes a difference.

Damn! She’s trying to lock your ass down isn’t she?!

It’s not about that, G.

(I shook my head)

Then explain to me what the fuck this (she pointed at the wallpaper of my phones background (which had a picture of me and my Goddess kissing) Is about?!

Love. That’s ALL I ever needed it, wanted it & demand it be about. Fuck your money! Fuck your cars! Fuck how many stocks you have! Your status or clout…nah.


That’s all I give & ask for in return. Of anyone. Reciprocity of Divine love.

I can buy my own shit. Give me the the most unselfish gift you can give another person:

Your Genuine Love.
Your Time. Your Concern. Your Care.
As I give gladly & willingly because she deserves the best fucking Love, just as I do.

&. If you can’t:
Give me nothing at all.