Lunar Activity


I talked to the Moon about you.

Including, but not limited to-

My Ancestors & guides.

On this warm summer night

I spent some moments outside

Illuminated by her light

& emotions, thoughts & feelings I decided to no longer hide

Or rather, repress.

No need to look within my chest

I get dressed

& wear my heart on my sleeve

& believe in things felt, not only seen

Piscean in my “big 3”

You’re in my dreams-This is Us,

this is Me.

I spoke to the Moon about you

About respect & loyalty, too

& a heart that loves just as openly

& boldly.

Commitment, honesty & longevity

Sent my love induced prayers into the air

& shed a tear

As I released these words & my truth.

I spoke to the Moon about you.

& just like the Moon, My heart is full

and you are whole

We pour into each other’s soul

Whole humans-so as we love, our cups overflow

Understanding & compassion as we grow

& evolve.

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