This is Me


I’m on Season 2 of This Is Us. Searching for gifs for this post, I already found some spoilers 😑 but ima ignore them for now..

Sometimes, I wonder how I feel so similar to a Venus in Leo, but mine is in Cap. 🤔 it could be the Pisces influence in my big 3…or perhaps even the Cancer in my 5th House & North Node. Or is that Libra? Idk.

But it’s funny how…no, it’s ironic how…no, this is me.

I see the me in…multiple faces and facets of love & dedication for and to their partners and families.

the beautiful grand gestures of love and devotion…

the loyalty and commitment to do your best; to be the best person, best partner and parent

the presence, accountability and honesty.

The camping and (glamping – I’m a child of Venus: Taurus Mum, Libra Dad)

The birthdays and holidays. The stress & the bliss.

Connecting family trees.

The imperfect moments and we…imperfect people…just keep swimming.

The slow (or fast) dancing.

The singing: off key and at the top of our lungs; sharing love. Singing love songs already sung. And creating new ones.

Subtle moments

and silent ones.

Loud and uncomfortable ones.

The childhood trauma that begets adolescent into adult drama. Pain

So great the only escape seems to be alcohol and pain-killers

All saints have a past and all sinners a future to consider.

Nobody is perfect, but the life you create and build, the love you feel. The love that heals. & breaks us. Open. All worth it.

This is me and this is us dreaming a new dream.

Timing. Oh, the timing of the humans who so marvelously fall into our universes…& bless our whole entire experience

The humans we get to spend lifetimes within one life with…co-create a new world of love…new extensions of love. New stories of love.

Sometimes they show us what hurt is.

Pain beyond imagination, especially when their time on this plane has reached its final destination.

But the levels of the lessons…and the love in between the moments and time & space shared..

That’s why it’s so important to cherish all time. All moments of love and even those of uncertainty. Moments with your loves; your friends, loved ones…your chosen family. This is what I believe in, so this is my reality.

Love first.

And you gotta be accountable and hold each other accountable. & hold the other up, when one is down.

Balance. Respect is paramount, no matter what the situation. Being individuals, within a union and partnership. Partnership…two people who make an agreement to be more than lovers…more than friends…spouses…all of that…plus, partners.

I love of all of the feelings and emotions (cuz a bitch has cried damn near every episode-this series is truly heartfelt, no bs) this is Us reminds me of, invokes within me. I could see, that in a plethora of ways…its me.

I love watching and experiencing this. Especially now. Especially with

the dumpster fire that is the planet

So much pain.

So much suffering…I’m able to unplug from the news, the propaganda machines…the continued violence against Black people…the goddamn 300+ fleet of Chinese boats surrounding the Galápagos Islands rn…famine, fear, the mandatory lockdowns… and anti-masks covidiots…it’s just…sometimes all of these things plus a shit ton more…can make a person kinda numb temporarily…so at this time, this moment in 2020, I am getting to experience a show and series that reminds me to (& quite frankly, forces you to feel bc of all of these tear jerking moments every episode) feel and to remember the sweetness of life.

The memories; good and bad.

All of the times that life happened and you thought it was going to destroy you…

you made it through. By grace and with love. & through the love of your fam/fram.

Love is it.

& loving and being loved by others is one of thee greatest gifts of life and being alive.


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