Pandemic panic at the disco


My heart and soul go out to the countless lives affected every day by tragedy, loss, violence…and my heart and soul to Tierra Madre.

The older you get get and also, the more you mature, you realize this single life changing mantra:

Everything is not worth your attention, or your energy.

Save that to fuel your creative fire, philanthropic endeavors, give that energy and attention to your family, your craft, saving and preserving the rainforests, protecting endangered species (POC included)
SOMETHING other than inconsequential…energy/life draining, bullshit.

Bullshit people. Bullshit jobs. Bullshit things. I mean…bullshit in general.

I say this with hella love. And because yesterday morning, with one WhatsApp message, I was reminded of the reality of life in your body:
It is not promised to you forever.

Why waste the precious moments you are gifted on things &/or people that don’t fill you up. Or inspire you.

Things/ppl that don’t even slightly enhance your experience on this Earth with bliss, joy or inundate you with love and passion…enliven you, etc.

Listen, I was once the whole choir. I can preach, rn.
I too am guilty of once being a settler.
In the Republic of comfort zone. The District of meaningless bullshit and the Commonwealth of petty bitches and drama.

Oh. I once had several properties…living lavish.

Death came for a visit. As it does. As is necessary for balance.

“The Universe has shaken you…to awaken you”

My intention for this blog entry is not to be a Buzz Killington, swear.

I only intend to remind you; Of your presence & how powerful you are, from that seat.

To inspire you to want to feel better. And be better. And do better. And live the most authentic expression of yourselves; doing the things that bring you joy…that makes your heart sing at the thought and your soul pleased.

Nobody has this shit all figured out. Life is simply growth in process.
But…remember, you don’t have to understand the process to trust it…or to enjoy it.

Start with you. What would you like your experience to be?

To look like?
Feel like?

Get to work on that. And enjoy this gift. You are the present. Open it up.

Give love to yourself and hella love to the world cuz as we can all witness, she needs it.
Love yourself and love your folks (learn their Love Languages and act accordingly).


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