& a love so deep…


…we cannot measure.”


The sayings, “50/50” or “meet me halfway” are dead.
They died in my 20’s along with whatever incognizant, adolescent (see ridiculous) ideas that I had about love, growing up. A great deal due to constant romanticism in television shows, movies and songs that idealized suffering, or playing small, selling yourself short, etc. all in the name of love.

I mean, I’ve seen it in relationships within my own family. Women accepting the bare minimum, lowering their standards (or not having any) all for the sake of a ring or to be able to brag, “well atleast I have a man.”
🙄 Which is nothing to brag about, imo…

Meet you halfway? I don’t take half ass trips. Meet me all the way/show up with all of you

Ever studied or done research on something that you are passionate about? Your effort of 50% as opposed to 100% dedication to your craft or field determines your results. You will yield very different results based on how much you put into it.

A 50/50 means that we BOTH still have 50% of work to do. Can you imagine ordering your favourite meal and only being brought half of what you ordered?
I would not be very pleased and even though I might enjoy it, would still be left unsatisfied because there was a significant amount that was left out.

My destination is determined by my dedication to doing the work. What kinda work? Shiddddddddd; All the S’s:

Self awareness. Self actualization. Self mastery. Shadow work.

Do. The. Work.

It may not be the easiest feeling sometimes when you see others in relationships and you are longing to also be in one. Been there, felt that.

But alas! I have wonderful news:
You are already in a relationship.
You are in the most important relationship:
The one that you have with yourself.
Take the time to learn and get to know you. If you don’t, how can you expect someone else to?

Take the time, give yourself 100% of your own attention, energy, care, love and devotion so that when that time comes, you are able to recognize/discern the 50%ers (or worse, less) from whole beings.

You gotta do it for you.
The greatest love affair stems from the love within. No outside being can give you anything, if you don’t already possess it.

We teach people how to treat us & how to love us by how well we love ourselves.
💯or nada

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