The ruin..of many a poor Boi


& God

I know I’m one

-The House of the Rising Sun

I’m talking bout Karmic relationships, karmic ties, soulmates, etc. Yeah. All dem, lolol

Has been the…well I wouldn’t say my ruin, but the stress, the drama 🎭 and extra shit that’ll have you like:

The heartache and heartbreak; which is, tbh, sometimes self inflicted when we exaggerate someone’s presence and their place in our lives- yeah, been there, not doing that again.

Or, when we make these temporary lessons in passing…our forever person.

Your everything was sposed to simply be the thing that reminded you not to follow the same path or patterns.

We, drawn to our karmic past lifetimes like a magnet, attract these folx and get into romantic relationships with them, when they was sposed to just be the lesson, or a even a reminder, personified.

We really should’ve just kept it cool, kept it cute & kept it pushin- & not have romantic or sexual (did you know there’s something called sexual soulmates? Thought that was cool) ties to them this go round.

Merry. And Mary.

Twin Flame/Karmic Lover/Ex Forecast: Circles and cloudy.

A time. Once again, Mercury rx is almost fully upon us. Ask for clarity. & discernment, bby.

Soulmates & Grace.


Having friends in your life who become family…is such a beautiful gift. & one that keeps on giving.

Because once you realize you’ve found & attracted these perfectly imperfect beings along your path who not only show up in their own lives, but also yours to help you circumnavigate this process called being human…you become so grateful for love that shows up in all forms.

Within these folks, I am reminded that I am loved and receive love always and in all ways.

*side note to this main note*

Connections are beautiful-as long as they are genuine/authentic and healthy. -mutual love & respect for the other. No weird ass vibes…no iffy folx…nah.


Ok so.


you get to experience these different levels + different types of love & you think, “damn, I’m blessed AF to have human beings who see me & who’ve seen me in all of my mess and my glory…and choose (there’s always a choice) to fuck with me and love me. To check me if I need it & also cheer for me…share with me…etc.

What love. What a fucking blessing.


the Universe compounds these connections with lessons. & align you with these super saiyan beings who teach us SO much and help us get to the next level; vibrationally/energetically, emotionally, etc.

To show you, you.

Some people are like mirrors that reflect the darkest and most beautiful parts. Others help bring you some light (it’s all about balance).

They show up because you need them.

To help you expand. To love the shit outta you and remind you of divine love. To break and bend your ass…transform you via this strange & beautiful metamorphosis-a la Franz Kafka (sans the bug that we shall not mention) and realize some shit that you weren’t getting on your own.

These relationships are so valid and so important & don’t always have “happy endings” some connections are not supposed to remain with us on our entire journey. So…there’s that. & then on the other hand, some last a lifetime.

Either way, I give thanks for my life/relationship teachers and healers; my soul fam, my soul mates, past loves, current and future ones.

Thank you. I needed you. You were/are supposed to show up.

Someone else’s wife

Lesbian, qpoc

THAT Conversation:

C’mon. YOU said you would be honest with me & keep it real! & you want me to do the same, correct?

I nod.


This teenager was hyped at making a point that was actually truth.

Respect, right?

He asked sarcastically as he tilted his head to the side.

Fine. & DONT tell your mother I’m out here smokin, either.

I got up and looked over the balcony as I exhaled.

Shit. I’ll never forget the first time my eyes found your moms…

I shook my head.

I know you’re probably gonna think this is corny, but…the moment I saw your mother…Time. Stood. Still. & in that frozen moment the only two things that existed was your mother and the pounding of my heartbeat.

I couldn’t believe a woman THAT beautiful was sharing the same space with me…
&…she looked at me. She…looked into me…she looked…through me with her gaze. She was so confident and commandeering even in her strut across the room. My eyes followed her & wondered what the fuck I did to deserve to have this gift, presently in my presence…

& what the hell happened why you ain’t push up?

I cocked my head to the side.

You know, why man. Your OTHER mother. Also known as your moms wife.

Yeah, but she wasn’t even around for hella long! She left us and you were the only person that helped my mom. I hadnt seen her smile or laugh or be happy for real, for real until yall became friends. She was hella depressed and then you came along and that changed.


I sighed. The kid was right.

Still. That’s not the way to start something…to start anything. With lies and deception. That just begets more of that shit & my Soul just ain’t about that.

Besides…initially! When I thought your mom was available…man…

I shake my head.

The amount of Love I had planned on sharing with her…it would be too beautiful and we…I, couldn’t start out like that with your mom. Whatever is meant to be, will be. So, if it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen the right way. That energy, kid. It’s universal currency. You don’t want to afford that type of karma.
I hope you feelin me at least a little.

He sits there quietly for a minute. Our backs turned away from the living room.

No thoughts, huh?

Just doesn’t seem fair, though. The way you talk about my mom, the way she lights up whenever she see you! It’s so damn obvious she in love with you!

Excuse you-

Gisselle butted into the conversation after obviously eaves dropping…