The Wall x Cell Therapy


Ok…am I trippin? No, I’m an Aquarius. Because…

Season 5, Episode 7 of GOT.

This is the part where Bran, aka, The Three Eyed Raven, turns into a warg and is flying with his conspiracy of ravens to see bout the Night King and that big ass army of White Walkers.

So…I can drag a story along (Air sign tings, lol) bc initially in my head this post was 2 sentences or so max! That didn’t happen!

Well the TTER 🦅 is surveying the scene..and I notice this castle up against this massive wall-& I go 🤔 this can’t be Castle Black 🏰 to scale against that wall?! Maybe it’s The Shadow Tower or Eastwatch-by-the-Sea idk, but damn!

I’ve never paid attention to this particular scene & this has to be my 4th time watching this series. I do have a tendency to skip certain parts to get to my favourite scenes, lolol. So I’ll be peepin new shit every time I rewatch this, til infinity, lol. I don’t mind. I’m discovering new shit every time 🤷🏾‍♂️

The size of that castle against the wall in that scene. That wall. & where my brain went was like:

🤔 What if that thick ass Antarctic wall was like that, too?

THEN! my brain went to that song by Goodie Mob, “Cell Therapy” and these lyrics by CeeLo:

Me and my family moved in our apartment complex

A gate with the serial code was put up next…

But every now and then,

I wonder if the gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep our ass in

That thick ass and heavily guarded & heavily surveilled (it’s true, look it up) Antarctic wall…is like that to also keep our ass in-

& out of Agartha.

Ok. That was the point. Yeah, after all that, lolol.

Back to my tings. I’ve cleaned, put away laundry, went grocery shopping to that new-ish Solomon’s downtown…back to my comfort, & my kinda peace on this good overcast Saturday mawnin 🤘🏿

Oh. & if you so happen to not have heard or not know (how dare you this is a classic!) bout one of thee ILLEST songs to ever be created, ima bless ya life today:

A/V Output


Being/feeling not grounded, sucks. You notice the imbalance easier once you start living intentionally, authentically & paying tf attention.

I tried to pay attention but attention paid me.

-she will

& for that to happen (for me) I have to cut out the noise & the distractions. The demands of the outside world that holds your peace…hostage.

Until you…
sick of making plea deals for your own sanity
Get a grip…
on reality
Unplug from this…
status:connected (but very disconnected) fantasy

& get back to nature. Which is also meaning to get back to the root: get back to you.

It gets easier once you start to strip away layers of agreements that were made-with and without your consent.

The peace…of saying “no” is unmatched. & not in a mean, stingy way of being…nah. In a selfish way of being. Yeah, selfish. If that means taking care of self, I’m for it. Not harmful to others or cruel. No.

Caring for others…comes secondary to caring for you.

You are the root.

Water. You need water.