Day Dreaming to Neptune


I initially created this video/edit clip back when the Pisces Full Moon was doing its thing, but yanno…I was just speaking to a friend of mine from Montreal (who happens to be a professional astrologer) & she was telling me about all this Neptune energy rn and we are both ready for Aries season! No offense to the fish (I’m a Pisces rising, calmate) but the fog, the illusion, the blehhhhhh and hella emotions x being perpetually tired…

Jung Gods (Do What Thou Will, Shall Be The Law)


Someone asked me the other day if I believe that free will is a thing…

One of the greatest things about being human, IMO, is free will. & choice. You are the decider of things. & I am grateful for the choice to opt out of relationships that aren’t healthy.

It’s really good to acknowledge this because just like with email subscriptions, you can unsubscribe from a relationship that is draining, too difficult, one-sided, unhealthy/toxic, etc. Or even ones that are stagnant, don’t move or excite you. & it’s no hard feelings. No soft ones either, lol. It’s the indifference especially that is also a deciding factor.

Are we growing together? Individually?

I’m sitting up under the remnants of the Libra full moon. Contemplating. Full Moons are about release and letting go. So.