Tender Boys & Mama (Ms. Ernestine)


Tender boys who grew up wit they Grammy
And all her cats
Left to sit back
Cuz when he walk, he got a switch back
That earned him tenure at her house

Sweet as pie and quiet as a mouse
Played in the yard, barely left the house

Boys like him was hushed at an early age
At the early stage
When da men dem peep his ways
His true self died at an early age

Like his body did, from AIDS

If I could take a turn back of the page
I would hug him so tight
Let him know that it’s alright
To love and to like...who you like

To be who you be
As softly
As you would like to walk these island streets
Bey I wish I was older when we did meet

I just remember the smile

The smile that showed me early, it was ok to be the Sun
even if some folks prefer shade…

I remember you.
I honor you.
I love you.

My first known queer Ancestor
I remember ✨🕊
Uncle Clifford and Ms. Ernestine


Bisexual, Gay, gender, Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc, sexuality, Transgender

I saw her brown skin


The pavement beating down on her face…

Undeniable Ability.


Her pores now open
From years of hoping

Her tomboy teenage daughter…was still only “going through a phase”
at the age
Of 21…

She prayed & she preyed.

“Don’t Wear That!”

Looking over her shoulder
To make sure no one she knows sees

Oh my God, you look like a boy! Go & change, PLEASE!
She. Pleads
We have to make sure the rest of the world is comfortable, not You.
Not in YOUR own Skin…