Blue is the warmest colour…but green is my favourite.

Dear Love,

I open up my heart

I render these words as pride mind tells me it’s not smart

I open up my soul- sans the ego of wanting to go viral- so…they tell me it’s not art

I unfold. The layers

to expose the grey areas

balance light with the dark

I open up my soul, I open up my heart

now, that’s a start

on your mark;

now: let it go

all the pain that you hold

resentments. disappointments

seeking love from half-filled cups…won’t ever get you anointed

left my heart in california

with housing instability and paranoia

chiron, the wounded healer in house 2

allowed a stranger in my house, Tamia vibes too

love left the premises

a house is not a comfortable home walking on eggshells & feeling like you’re serving multiple sentences

shadow work, time and healing- I open up my heart to green- photosynthesis