Tender Boys & Mama (Ms. Ernestine)


Tender boys who grew up wit they Grammy
And all her cats
Left to sit back
Cuz when he walk, he got a switch back
That earned him tenure at her house

Sweet as pie and quiet as a mouse
Played in the yard, barely left the house

Boys like him was hushed at an early age
At the early stage
When da men dem peep his ways
His true self died at an early age

Like his body did, from AIDS

If I could take a turn back of the page
I would hug him so tight
Let him know that it’s alright
To love and to like...who you like

To be who you be
As softly
As you would like to walk these island streets
Bey I wish I was older when we did meet

I just remember the smile

The smile that showed me early, it was ok to be the Sun
even if some folks prefer shade…

I remember you.
I honor you.
I love you.

My first known queer Ancestor
I remember ✨🕊
Uncle Clifford and Ms. Ernestine

I look for ______ in a woman


I created this video that I posted to my IG stories. I don’t see why my wordpress fam should be denied, lol.

Intimacy vs. Isolation

& I would like to add that I appreciate & highly value: honesty, integrity…vulnerability (as long as she feels safe to be) and authenticity. A Goddess who isn’t afraid of growth. Someone who is loving, a kind human and affectionate..I like that shit

Pulled this from my IG Story Highlights

A Goddess of Sensuality with healthy boundaries. Worldly, i.e. loves to travel and experience new places, while appreciating the beauty in other cultures and ways of living.

She exudes femininity & has a sense humor/can be goofy and loves to laugh & be happy*

*I fuck with all the vibes, but just not the fake ones*

So I’ll never be one of those “positive vibes only” people. That’s like being a robot with no feelings & is just plain harmful & toxic. IMO. so yeah no. We all experience a range of emotions and being able to process & deal with them in a healthy way is the goal. Be angry, be pissed off, be moody if need be, just as long as we not suppressing our feelings, we good. Healthy communication is key. Healthy outlets and knowing oneself; for example my 12H Sun calls for isolation in order for me to process. & I’ve found that taking the necessary steps & space to do so works best. For me. So I want her to feel comfortable with feeling the big and sometimes not so pleasant feelings and do what’s best in her own ways of processing & healing. As long as we’re not sweeping 🧹 shit under the rug and lovingly & intentionally dealing with the opportunities (notice I didn’t say “problems” -because words are powerful) for growth and greater understanding of ourselves and one another.

Soooo, yeah healthy communication is paramount. As is emotional intelligence. & Being cognizant of each other’s love languages. Respect. Even in difficult times.

Loyalty and commitment to one other is also high on my list of things that I value…as an Aqua Sun, Capricorn Venus also respecting each other’s autonomy and monogamy. Stable foundations and co-creation, not co-dependency.

If there’s anything else I think of that aligns I will add to this further. But yeah…

I love David Rose 🌹/Dan Levy. He is one of my fave Leo’s ♌️

When words become things


I offer you

Pearls of rain

Coming from the lands

Where it never rains

I will cross the world

Till after my death

To cover your bosom

With gold and light

I will make a kingdom

where love will be king

Where love will be the law

Where you will be queen

Ne Me Quitte Pas

When the words are so sweet. So intentional and so unique…you just gotta share them. For some who may not hear them or have heard. A love bizarre…a love absurd.

A love of the ages and one that will rival the epic stories of the gods and goddesses. That is what I live for. Ache & breathe for. I could never settle for lukewarm…I want more. & some more…ode to Miss Simone. I vow to never place my love on a pedestal, nonetheless…worship her on her throne.

A Queen. My Selene; my Moon and Stars…forever.

Journal Entry…

gender, LGBTQ, qpoc, qwoc

Fuck. I guess Number 1.

Listening to The Zone- Drake The Wknd
Cuz it reminded me of your smooth, sexy ass…


My …

Higher Me
Speaking to my

    1. Higher


Only moments earlier i was One with Spirit and Self
In Gratitude for being Saved once Again…

I thought………..

    • My

higher Self

& then The Birds Part 2- The Wknd again.


what if:

    • What.




How would [ I ] feel?
You were to do with her


    • Should only be


    • Doing.


    • With





Me. Striving for a better.

Would let


Destroy the Trust

& willingly. knowingly. Break. Love.

& It Hit Me

How could I intentionally. Willingly. Hurt. Another human being
even though I don’t know her & she don’t know me?!

Being as how i had meditated hours earlier & in my very present being
Gave thanks & got lifted to Higher Self

& it hit me!!!!

That shyt just ain’t me.
Not my Style or Soul.

So I exhaled all the images of your fine ass.

I shouldn’t have even entertained it
Went completely through iPhone & erased:


Thank the Goddess for realization and growth.

Goddess be with us in our hardest times. Thank You.



Bisexual, Gay, gender, Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, sexuality, Transgender

“No. What are we doin, G?” I pleaded. Her eyes locked into mine. Searching for my Truth, she never blinked and spoke as If reciting a psalm.

Lovely and calm………


    I’m trying to give you what you want to give me.
    Reach a part of you that you refuse to let anyone else see. That not so grateful place of fear:
    Fear of failure
    Fear of not ever finding or connecting with your one True Soul-Mate
    Or worse. Having her, but losing her.

A nerve. Struck like an out of tune chord
She struck my-
Auto tuned fort
I look.
Then I look some more.

    Hmmm. All I Feel is Truth

I want you to come inside & erase all I thought I had left of my past
I want your hands on this ass…
I want your tongue to sing me Sonnets Of Syn
Until I’m screaming…IT’S YOURS

Well. At least she’s honest. 1zerozero