Big Dyke Energy/ Family matters

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I see pictures that are emailed
& I see them smiling
All happy & content
They have not failed as parents
Their son, is now getting married to a woman.
Not another man.
They breathe a sigh of right wing religious relief
My mum can’t say the same
She thinks she will never be as happy as them

Her kinfolk
Who got it right
Didn’t raise

A dyke

How does one make up for this?
I see the church
It’s pews
The mother wearing purple sash and a shiny dress
The father: good Sunday suit with a handkerchief in his pocket
Smiles all around
Nice dresses
Nice smiles
I wonder sometimes…
Will I ever be able to fill such an holy building with family on my day?*
Or will the flames be too close to my feet that they feel they may get burned…

*I have zero desire to be in a church for any reason. Especially not the Divine union with my Goddess*