The Wall x Cell Therapy


Ok…am I trippin? No, I’m an Aquarius. Because…

Season 5, Episode 7 of GOT.

This is the part where Bran, aka, The Three Eyed Raven, turns into a warg and is flying with his conspiracy of ravens to see bout the Night King and that big ass army of White Walkers.

So…I can drag a story along (Air sign tings, lol) bc initially in my head this post was 2 sentences or so max! That didn’t happen!

Well the TTER 🦅 is surveying the scene..and I notice this castle up against this massive wall-& I go 🤔 this can’t be Castle Black 🏰 to scale against that wall?! Maybe it’s The Shadow Tower or Eastwatch-by-the-Sea idk, but damn!

I’ve never paid attention to this particular scene & this has to be my 4th time watching this series. I do have a tendency to skip certain parts to get to my favourite scenes, lolol. So I’ll be peepin new shit every time I rewatch this, til infinity, lol. I don’t mind. I’m discovering new shit every time 🤷🏾‍♂️

The size of that castle against the wall in that scene. That wall. & where my brain went was like:

🤔 What if that thick ass Antarctic wall was like that, too?

THEN! my brain went to that song by Goodie Mob, “Cell Therapy” and these lyrics by CeeLo:

Me and my family moved in our apartment complex

A gate with the serial code was put up next…

But every now and then,

I wonder if the gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep our ass in

That thick ass and heavily guarded & heavily surveilled (it’s true, look it up) Antarctic wall…is like that to also keep our ass in-

& out of Agartha.

Ok. That was the point. Yeah, after all that, lolol.

Back to my tings. I’ve cleaned, put away laundry, went grocery shopping to that new-ish Solomon’s downtown…back to my comfort, & my kinda peace on this good overcast Saturday mawnin 🤘🏿

Oh. & if you so happen to not have heard or not know (how dare you this is a classic!) bout one of thee ILLEST songs to ever be created, ima bless ya life today:

Stay Ready ||2.18|| What a Life ✨


Usually…well, I don’t think I made a post last year But I would post something about my B’EarthDay on my IG feed…but this year? Ine into dat. I just…am realizing that I’m not much of a fan of having my personal life up for public consumption. Been posting less and less personal stuff on the socials for a while now. I’m accepting that this is the most comfortable and balanced I feel. So yeah no

But I will post here. No personal images or videos…but, gratitude. Which is enough for me. My cup runneth over ✨

I treat myself (I do my best-some days not so much) and am treated wonderfully by the Universe, my fam and dearest loves/loved ones.

Every day.

& In the ways that I show up for myself. The foods I intentionally consume and those that I stay away from. The intentional ways that I practice body movement, breathing exercises, take the time to meditate and incorporate healthier ways of being. Sticking to my morning routines. The ways that I speak to myself (the intrusive thoughts, too cuz I can overthink like a mf sometimes) but. Also what I allow and no longer allow. Having and sticking with my healthy boundaries. The life that I have cultivated that is inundated with peace. Abundance. & love. I am so much more aware of and grateful for my life and life in general.

I am extended thee most beautiful and divine love; stemming from my closest humans, to acquaintances and strangers alike.

I am grateful for every human that crosses my path. Whether it be for a reason, season &/or a lifetime…all tings align.

But yeah man..I’m just gonna continue on this path and gracefully and humbly accept all this beautiful ass love and life that I get to experience. It’s a blessing every day above ground.

Granted, some days that’s a lil hard to remember…because: being human. & Shit sucks sometimes…like shit 😂 but man. This ride has been wild af, like bat shit wild some of the things I’ve seen/lived/experienced…what a life. From ATL to the Bay. & errywhere in between…

I’ve had my share of setbacks, setups (ill-intentioned people, envious/jealous people will teach you A Lot of priceless gems and teach you how to better navigate life cuz it’s a lot of them mf’s in it) heartache and heartbreak…& I wouldn’t change that shit for anything. All it did was gift me with experience, lessons, wisdom, shadow work, discernment, a therapist! 😂😂 and the list continues with a whole lot of beautiful ass blessings along the way.

It led me here . To me. As I am now. I’m grateful af. Cuz it and I am only getting better and better. Refinement. More life 🥂 Give thanks ✨