Saturn in Pisces


I no longer wish to subscribe to,

participate in

Or be…ripped to shreds

By: this generational curse

Look at what you done to me

You put a gun to me

Then you brought the Sun to me.

“Stay Ready” (What A Life) by Jhene Aiko featuring Kendrick Lamar
Your proverbial gun led me to the Sun 
& my way out of the darkness
It was…acceptance
Grief. Every stage
It seemed like, all…in one day

Give thanks. That contrast begets clarity
Producing astonishing colours & never to be to duplicated art-
These tears
cleansing this cycle of insanity

Offering more love
offering more of…broken trust
Thrown back to me
Adorned on a golden, Venusian platter
I will always choose love…over the latter
I choose my peace, over this natural disaster
Protection and self preservation
I can’t heal a wound, whilst allowing it to be constantly re-injured.

Retrograde, natal.

And if your goals include healing, growth, &/or moving on from things, people, substances, escapism. . .etc that don’t fuel your best, nor well-interest, higher good or well-being…

You know what it is. Nouns: person, place or tings.

Release what is no longer yours to carry & never forget that Your journey is personal. And healing is linear.

Love & above ☝🏾 ✨


Oh. Here is an article on Saturn in Pisces by Chani Nicholas (also where the post image is from). She’s one of the professional astrologers that I follow on a couple socials:

What You Need to Know About Saturn in Pisces

The Wall x Cell Therapy


Ok…am I trippin? No, I’m an Aquarius. Because…

Season 5, Episode 7 of GOT.

This is the part where Bran, aka, The Three Eyed Raven, turns into a warg and is flying with his conspiracy of ravens to see bout the Night King and that big ass army of White Walkers.

So…I can drag a story along (Air sign tings, lol) bc initially in my head this post was 2 sentences or so max! That didn’t happen!

Well the TTER 🦅 is surveying the scene..and I notice this castle up against this massive wall-& I go 🤔 this can’t be Castle Black 🏰 to scale against that wall?! Maybe it’s The Shadow Tower or Eastwatch-by-the-Sea idk, but damn!

I’ve never paid attention to this particular scene & this has to be my 4th time watching this series. I do have a tendency to skip certain parts to get to my favourite scenes, lolol. So I’ll be peepin new shit every time I rewatch this, til infinity, lol. I don’t mind. I’m discovering new shit every time 🤷🏾‍♂️

The size of that castle against the wall in that scene. That wall. & where my brain went was like:

🤔 What if that thick ass Antarctic wall was like that, too?

THEN! my brain went to that song by Goodie Mob, “Cell Therapy” and these lyrics by CeeLo:

Me and my family moved in our apartment complex

A gate with the serial code was put up next…

But every now and then,

I wonder if the gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep our ass in

That thick ass and heavily guarded & heavily surveilled (it’s true, look it up) Antarctic wall…is like that to also keep our ass in-

& out of Agartha.

Ok. That was the point. Yeah, after all that, lolol.

Back to my tings. I’ve cleaned, put away laundry, went grocery shopping to that new-ish Solomon’s downtown…back to my comfort, & my kinda peace on this good overcast Saturday mawnin 🤘🏿

Oh. & if you so happen to not have heard or not know (how dare you this is a classic!) bout one of thee ILLEST songs to ever be created, ima bless ya life today:

Stay Ready ||2.18|| What a Life ✨


Usually…well, I don’t think I made a post last year But I would post something about my B’EarthDay on my IG feed…but this year? Ine into dat. I just…am realizing that I’m not much of a fan of having my personal life up for public consumption. Been posting less and less personal stuff on the socials for a while now. I’m accepting that this is the most comfortable and balanced I feel. So yeah no

But I will post here. No personal images or videos…but, gratitude. Which is enough for me. My cup runneth over ✨

I treat myself (I do my best-some days not so much) and am treated wonderfully by the Universe, my fam and dearest loves/loved ones.

Every day.

& In the ways that I show up for myself. The foods I intentionally consume and those that I stay away from. The intentional ways that I practice body movement, breathing exercises, take the time to meditate and incorporate healthier ways of being. Sticking to my morning routines. The ways that I speak to myself (the intrusive thoughts, too cuz I can overthink like a mf sometimes) but. Also what I allow and no longer allow. Having and sticking with my healthy boundaries. The life that I have cultivated that is inundated with peace. Abundance. & love. I am so much more aware of and grateful for my life and life in general.

I am extended thee most beautiful and divine love; stemming from my closest humans, to acquaintances and strangers alike.

I am grateful for every human that crosses my path. Whether it be for a reason, season &/or a lifetime…all tings align.

But yeah man..I’m just gonna continue on this path and gracefully and humbly accept all this beautiful ass love and life that I get to experience. It’s a blessing every day above ground.

Granted, some days that’s a lil hard to remember…because: being human. & Shit sucks sometimes…like shit 😂 but man. This ride has been wild af, like bat shit wild some of the things I’ve seen/lived/experienced…what a life. From ATL to the Bay. & errywhere in between…

I’ve had my share of setbacks, setups (ill-intentioned people, envious/jealous people will teach you A Lot of priceless gems and teach you how to better navigate life cuz it’s a lot of them mf’s in it) heartache and heartbreak…& I wouldn’t change that shit for anything. All it did was gift me with experience, lessons, wisdom, shadow work, discernment, a therapist! 😂😂 and the list continues with a whole lot of beautiful ass blessings along the way.

It led me here . To me. As I am now. I’m grateful af. Cuz it and I am only getting better and better. Refinement. More life 🥂 Give thanks ✨



I write these words on my solar return-It’s so important to honor your growth. & acknowledge your humanity-as you honor your divinity. Give thanks for all the lessons & blessings along the journey. Everything is necessary.

I love myself.

I love who I have been. all the mistakes and imperfections and repercussions along the way (Saturn co-rules Aquarius)

All the blessings. The lessons. The humans I’ve been gifted with time, love & presence...

What a ride.
What a life.

Perfectly unfolding & expanding in ways that align with my souls highest calling.
I had to get clear.

& bare witness
To the sweetness and...the fuck shit.

Perpetuated by myself et al. that led to newer & greater understanding
Healthy boundaries & hella grounding
The steps & missteps that led me to being here.

Choices, decisions & moves
that weren’t always for my highest good
or that of others, tbh
that led me to healing & accountability
That led expose me-
to me; my most difficult & willing critic.

Plutonian transformations
I could conjure several dissertations
And name them:
The Battle with the Shadow
Pierced By Your Own Arrow
Deaths of the False Faces

Rising in divinity, and falling from graces
To some I’ll always be the devil
To others, their forever angel

I can be both.
I have been “the most”
Esp when consorting with folx
whose love language is unaccountability
With nobility

Neptunian energy
I wasn’t able to see
Until I began my journey
with plant medicine
reflecting on my reflections
Respect for the spirits & elements
Shrooms in Big Sur...quite a fucking inception

Stopped looking/seeking outward and realized that I-was the only exception

Par Amour
& started to pour
Into self
Extending from a deficit

Intentions became clearer.

Water bearer.
Another trip around the Sun.
All things align.

Fuckin Lunar Act/Intent

Bisexual, Gay, gender, Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc, sexuality, Transgender

Keep your Power
Hold on to your Peace

    • Cuz I’ll


    fight for mine

My mind fights for Rhyme
As a Synner fights for Time

I go
I seek
I Be

Righteous appetite for Cali nights
Lip biting

Fever fighting
Love potion number 9
Reading the writing
On the wall

& in my phone.

But so much better in person
We slip into each other so easily- like: cursive

A love hangover
She rests her head on my shoulder

Suddenly there is no boulder
Our OUT is much bolder
Than most.

Defying norms
We transform
Into full fledged adults
Dealing with some grown ass shit

& some grown ass emotional shifts

All on the eve
I believe.
Of the first New Moon.
Fucking Lunar Action.