Yo, Even at Eden or Dolores


Hey Eve…

looking good on this fine evening

& in the Beginning

Of our encounter
I encountered
and counted just how many pieces of her heart they had stolen

Wrote their names precisely
with a finely-
Tipped pen

She looked me in the eyes

For the Answer
I entered her Garden of Truth


Drank, wildly
From her Fountain of Youth

Drunk in love we became
Laughing, living and loving through pain

A statement we made very clear
From the moment I caught her stare
She acknowledged mine

The rest is history…we stuck in time.

On another plane
We made love & signed our names.



She gave me THAT look…

That smirk with that beautiful ass smile

That look that I know so well
Her pussy was ready
to put me under her spell…



It was like I was swimming in the bluest fucking ocean

Under the most beautiful clouds and
Silently our Souls screamed out loud

& those waves…
Those fucking waves!

I rode into the shore & within every stroke
I kept riding & riding
& her tides kept on rising…

So much nourishment…

I was never thirsty again…

Magnetic fucking love emotional thunderstorm

Moon to Sea:

& I rode the fuck outta them waves man

“So. Should I keep goin?”

Laughter & Lesbians at the round table. A good night.


Inspired by Dali

Lesbian, LGBTQ

I stood on the brink!
On the edge & I yelled as loud as I could:

I will go the edge of the world for you! Do you hear me?

She grabbed my hand and steadied me back on solid ground
I felt the wind blasting against my face
Not as loud as my heart was pounding.

She moved me.
Next to her.

Where I belonged.

She never let go.

Caressing my cheek
I felt my knees go weak
As she got on her knees


She placed my hand on her heart
& this is where the tears start


Is where the Fear starts

And where we acknowledge our humanity and agree
that this is where Fear ends

Cuz all that heals and all that amends…
Is Love

She stood up and got right on that ledge

Lightening struck and thunder pled

My Love, I have waited this long. You found me and I found you.
I don’t need you to go anywhere, but here….
My Sõl…

My Soul,
My Heart,

I Come In Peace

Waves crashing on Pacific coast 🌊

Love is not chasing…a ghost

It’s Presence
It’s one of the Universe’s greatest presents

& we got that shit.

I stood up quick
off Love

& this beautiful being before me

Love ❤
The most powerful D.R.U.G.

She Found Me, Though

Lesbian, LGBTQ

So we get this clear

“Do that magic trick you do again; appearing outta thin air”

& then

I was here


She was there. & here

We were.


Not finding Nemo but finding one another.

In a crowd

Filled with loud

A shroud of alcohol

Mixed with Biggie Smalls from this speaker

I’m not sure who is the Student


The Teacher

I just know you reached the

Core of me

In the core of literally


You found me…


I finally found you

& I travelled a long way

& I step back

Cuz our journey will reach destination one day.

Dinner Amongst Mutuals

Gay, Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc

The table was full of laughter…and vino and
Courses, coursing with tetrahydrocannabinol.

Needless to say: everyone was Peace.


Playing softly in the background
Sade sings so smoothly:

I gave you all the Love I got
I gave you more than I give
I gave you LOVE

More love
More vino
More laughter

I gently caress her thigh with my right hand.
Startled by this unprecedented public display of affection amongst mutual friends,
my touch was welcomed as she reaches down and places her left arm on by forearm and lays her head on my shoulder.

A few stares. Less noise.

The show must go on…

A mutual friend screams:
I knew it!

A few high fives. One would think our favourite team had just won a fucking game or something.

Ahhhh. A game, they see.

I never play when it comes to Love.



How long have you two been fucking?!

She Giggles. I smile.

& who says we’re fucking?

Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! Then what exactly is it?

I turn my attention to her gaze: the one that matters the most.

It’s…everything all at once. It has no label, or need to be called anything.

Her gaze projects Love onto me:

I grab her hand and my eyes never leave hers.

In lieu of the moment, the ambiance, this beautiful being in front of me, I continued…

I’ll tell you what it isn’t:
And, on cue, Sade coo’s:

This. Is. No. Ordinary Love



Someone else’s wife

Lesbian, qpoc

THAT Conversation:

C’mon. YOU said you would be honest with me & keep it real! & you want me to do the same, correct?

I nod.


This teenager was hyped at making a point that was actually truth.

Respect, right?

He asked sarcastically as he tilted his head to the side.

Fine. & DONT tell your mother I’m out here smokin, either.

I got up and looked over the balcony as I exhaled.

Shit. I’ll never forget the first time my eyes found your moms…

I shook my head.

I know you’re probably gonna think this is corny, but…the moment I saw your mother…Time. Stood. Still. & in that frozen moment the only two things that existed was your mother and the pounding of my heartbeat.

I couldn’t believe a woman THAT beautiful was sharing the same space with me…
&…she looked at me. She…looked into me…she looked…through me with her gaze. She was so confident and commandeering even in her strut across the room. My eyes followed her & wondered what the fuck I did to deserve to have this gift, presently in my presence…

& what the hell happened why you ain’t push up?

I cocked my head to the side.

You know, why man. Your OTHER mother. Also known as your moms wife.

Yeah, but she wasn’t even around for hella long! She left us and you were the only person that helped my mom. I hadnt seen her smile or laugh or be happy for real, for real until yall became friends. She was hella depressed and then you came along and that changed.


I sighed. The kid was right.

Still. That’s not the way to start something…to start anything. With lies and deception. That just begets more of that shit & my Soul just ain’t about that.

Besides…initially! When I thought your mom was available…man…

I shake my head.

The amount of Love I had planned on sharing with her…it would be too beautiful and we…I, couldn’t start out like that with your mom. Whatever is meant to be, will be. So, if it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen the right way. That energy, kid. It’s universal currency. You don’t want to afford that type of karma.
I hope you feelin me at least a little.

He sits there quietly for a minute. Our backs turned away from the living room.

No thoughts, huh?

Just doesn’t seem fair, though. The way you talk about my mom, the way she lights up whenever she see you! It’s so damn obvious she in love with you!

Excuse you-

Gisselle butted into the conversation after obviously eaves dropping…

Sugar Apple

Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, qwoc

…Sugar. Apple

So many layers to your sweet
So many layers to peel away &



Visual ecstasy when you’re ridin…
Next to me

You check for me
& me?
I could fuck with you forever, maybe
If its meant to Be…for now i will enjoy, love and indulge in your essence-presently

Believe me ima dig deep
& we not about get much sleep for weeks
Your smile gets me weak

& Your Kiss


You gave me the Kiss of Life

Strength & empowerment in your eyes
When you stand by my side with…Pride

That’s what a Soul needs. Love. Care
Dedication &…motivation
& ima give & receive

69 both our emotional, sexual, soul-filled/desire filled/lust & passion fueled, needs.

And. Love is paramount. So.

With Patience

We shall Proceed

B’z, L’s & Teas

Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc

You know what?

I Love, Love

For real. Yes, I’ve had my heart broken into a million + pieces…but, damn! That allowed me to free up so much of myself that I had been so tightly clinging to forever and a decade!

The moment I became completely vulnerable…100% my insecurities popped up, since they were never dealt with in the first place. Then, Love showed me her face…& ever since that day, I can’t, I won’t give it up.

Love is a beautiful thing. It brings so much Growth,
So much Change throughout the Pain.

You finally face your own Soul.

Thank you to all of my Love Teachers! I’m close! Thank you for the Hope & the Reason to keep on Loving…

I see the Goddess in you.















Give Me Love

Lesbian, LGBTQ, qpoc, Queer, qwoc, sexuality

So…I heard you went to the dark side. So, does she have you worshiping the devil.

    • Me:

Don’t start. YOU of all people, please. Dont start that Judge Judy shit.

Besides being this beautiful ass Bruja, she’s fucking amazing. Incredible. A Goddess. She loves me sweetly. & completely.

    She. Rolled her eyes

Yeah it means the Universe to me when a woman, the woman that I am caring for & could possibly be Loving Forever gives a fuck and shows it.

Fuck. Be happy for my ass. She cares, G.

I Care!

I know that.

But she shows it.
And…I don’t have to guess if I’m on her mind, she tells me! & it’s not 7 or 8 days after we’ve seen each other, either.

    • Her:

That’s not fair! You knew the situation!

Yes, that’s why I chose me over your sexy, beautiful…gorgeous, albeit moody Cancer ♋️ ass.

I accepted that you and I weren’t aligning in the ways we needed to. I had to let go. I had to love me more and know my worthiness of more than a part time love affair. And once I did that…she showed up.

This woman manifested when I  was doing my best to not lose hope in Californian women…She reminded me of Love, again G. Not just any Love, but the realest, truest most Divine love.

My heart feels safe with her. I feel like…she wants the best for me. No matter what the fuck she and I are doing or if we were to part ways because our time together was done…

(I Smile from within)

She’s concerned. & asks me how my day is. She sends me amazing books to read. She looks up recipes from back home and calls my mum to make sure she is making dishes that my grandmother used to make, right. The magnitude of care…of her love for me…is immeasurable.

I FEEL her love. I see it…and, her love makes a difference.

Damn! She’s trying to lock your ass down isn’t she?!

It’s not about that, G.

(I shook my head)

Then explain to me what the fuck this (she pointed at the wallpaper of my phones background (which had a picture of me and my Goddess kissing) Is about?!

Love. That’s ALL I ever needed it, wanted it & demand it be about. Fuck your money! Fuck your cars! Fuck how many stocks you have! Your status or clout…nah.


That’s all I give & ask for in return. Of anyone. Reciprocity of Divine love.

I can buy my own shit. Give me the the most unselfish gift you can give another person:

Your Genuine Love.
Your Time. Your Concern. Your Care.
As I give gladly & willingly because she deserves the best fucking Love, just as I do.

&. If you can’t:
Give me nothing at all.