Sir Kendrick (life)


Life is what you make it

&, what you perceive it to be.

As I’m sitting here, a random neighborhood dog is barking sporadically in the distance.

The only other sounds I’m hearing are the rain & a little bit of thunder.

I can fuck with the vibe this morning on this good ass Friday.


I’m thinking about how if certain people hadn’t entered my life, life would look SOOOOOO different for me. I think. I’m almost believing it. Because of that one relationship, it was such a catalyst to my life unfolding the way it did.

& I met this person through an ex person.

I swear to fuck that meme that you’ve probably seen about no one coming into your life by accident, that shit is true asfffffffff!

Wow. Someone who was once such a huge part of my life for so long, the relationship and connection no longer exists. One thing I’ve learned in my big life:

You might have to end up mourning the living.

But. Life goes on. You grieve it. & the grief comes and goes-as in any loss. But all I can think of in this current moment is how extremely grateful for that person I am. The experiences, memories, connection, kinship…really taught me about platonic soulmates and & what it means to be a friend. How someone shows up for you, fights for you, rides with you and stays by your side-

They for you. They wit the shits…Except when it was time to grow. & be accountable. To evolve.

Listen. We can’t change other people. All we can do is love ‘em (or not)-

perhaps you might have to love them from a distance or even…love them only from the memories and dassit.

But still, the years and the love, sweat, tears, laughter, etc.etc.etc. that helped me get to me, where I am, as I am, now.

& right now, I am inundated with gratitude and love as I’m about to go clean my house and then peel some potatoes 🥔 cuz family is coming over and everyone is bringing their dishes and breaking bread; sharing love and really…that’s what also helps you appreciate the old memories; being present and making new ones. With new energies to learn from and co-create with. I’m loving this place. This space. Of understanding. Clarity feels nice. Discernment is always good. & I am grateful for the way my life is brilliantly unfolding.

What comes let it come. What goes, let it go. And as always:

And the more I connect with nature, myself…learning my self, as I am evolving and continuous unlearning-in real time.

I honestly and truly can say that I appreciate the pace and the flow in my life. & Every time I hear Sir sing these words, I feel the fuck outta the lyrics:

Cuz life is so much better when you live in slow motion…

I take that to be very intentional about what shows up in your (my) experiences. & being present, taking life at a slower pace; a space that allows you the space to breathe 🧘🏾‍♂️ and make decisions and to choose, from love (& mostly peace). I’ve come from a former life of always being on the go & in this half…life is meant to be (& is/will continue to be) enjoyed and experienced . Loved and lived on my terms. My terms happen to include family, fresh air, the beach and a whole lot of traveling, at my leisure. So.


I intended to post this about…10 hours ago. Got caught up in the preparation of family coming over and life in real time. All good tings, tho.

Bless ✨🤟🏿


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