Elle Oh Vee Eee


I’m not so caught up in the overuse and abuse of terms such as soulmate and especially twin flames. Could they be a real phenomenon/thing/experience??? Sure. Nothing is impossible or new under the sun. & there definitely are (IMO) certain relationships and partnerships that transcend space & time.

So. Anyway as a low key cynic when people just throw those terms around for clicks, this last week really changed…well, not changed but opened me up to the possibility of these amazing connections that we can have with people, no matter how much time has passed or both parties previously being married to someone else…having kids, not speaking for 10+ years…shit, life. As much as time passed and life unfolded, the connection never fades.

I witnessed this shit. Personally experienced this and I gotta say…it’s nothing short of awe inspiring and miraculous. That two people after all this time, all their shit, separate lives they have led can come back together and still carry a spark that makes your heart want to spontaneously combust ❤️‍🔥

Life is wild.

Love is beautiful.

& you never know when/how alignment is gonna show up.

I made that connection for my fam and the dude that…since as long as I can remember, she has always held a torch & loved him. I randomly ran into him the other day & I had to call that heffa and I surprised her by putting him on the phone.

Yo. The way he was grinning and smiling, and the subsequent conversations her and I had…made my heart smile. Bc neither of them were expecting that day and those moments to go the way they did. She has been messaging me every day since about how good it’s been reconnecting with him. The conversations they’ve been having.

She broke down in tears today talking to me and said that the way he has made her feel so valued, seen and appreciated, she has never gotten from her husband in the 20+ years they been married. Fuck.

There is a difference, a huge one with being wanted versus being valued.

And someone showing up for you and sharing with you. Making you feel excited again, heard, safe, wanted & desired…Her messages almost made me cry. Because I could hear the ways she hadn’t received those things, been loved and cared for by someone who vowed and claimed to do so, as she was speaking.

Yo. When it’s real, when it’s authentic and intentional, you’ll not only know it, but you’ll feel the difference.

I was meant to be at that exact place at that exact time. & I’m so grateful that I was able to facilitate reconnecting them both. I love them both and they deserve the love, care, energy and affection of each other. I’m rooting for those two.

Life is short. Love hard and give your all (as long as it’s reciprocal and mutual). The right one will find you-in this life and quite possibly, based on these 2, the next.

It inspires me to keep my heart open. That no one is sent to anyone on accident and the woman/goddess who is not a perfect human but perfect for me, will show up right when she’s supposed to. I won’t have to guess how she feels. She will make it known and openly share with me. It will be/feel natural. No ego or pride will get in the way of our love & connection evolving. & I give thanks in advance for this beautiful and divine love. I’m worthy of it and so is she.

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