“Can’t Wait”


Hella throwback! Hi-Five? If you remember this song/can sing along to most of the words…congratulations, bih

ok, not old…let’s just say…”seasoned” or, rather…matour (mature pronounced fancy)

Either way, this song was hittin back in the day (still does). I love watching these videos from another time. Feels all historic and shit, lol. It really is the nostalgia for me. Well. Back to the title. I chose this featured image and song/video above because of the name only, in relation to what I’m about to type.

It’s more about the expectations we put on ourselves in relation to (this feels lk redundant, but ima rock wit it anyway) aging and also, the way we sometimes sabotage or postpone our own fullness and joy, by waiting for something to happen, someone to show up, something to be accomplished…in order to feel full &/or complete vs. cute/sweet intimate moments shared…as the actual song implies. It aint about that, lol.

Lil piece of advice from a veteran: Don’t hold off on your bliss.

I can’t wait til I’m married

I can't wait 'til:

I have my degree/finish grad school
I get this new car
I get a promotion
Finish this piece/project:

So I can finally rest, enjoy my life, be happy, etc.

We got it wrong. These things aren’t the root of our happiness, but they can increase our happiness and good feelings.
Everything outside of you is an enhancer.

I always say this about a relationship that's aligning and presenting itself to me:
It can enhance the vibe; but never create it.

Yes, I am ever grateful for your intentional presence in my life. I am ever grateful for the ways in which you show up & bring me more happiness. & yes, I experience exponentiated joy and bliss, but as with my joy, happiness, peace, etc.
I am the common denominator and you are simply adding to it. This person, this thing...is in addition to something that's already there. 

Eat the damn cake ( I wanted to say Anna Mae at the end of that so bad). Don't hold off on your joy, your celebration of life, or celebration of yourself until AFTER.
Be here, now. Love your life, as is...now. Feel your feels. Scream into the goddamn void if you need to. Go skinny dipping. Tell your crush how you feel (do we still have those as grown ass adults?) Ima say yeah, but it's a different level- cuz we matour now...
No but like...we are only promised the present and how we spend it is so important. If you live in the States, drive across the country and explore your goddamn country. I've done it only twice & it was scary (as a Black, queer person especially through dem southern states hunni), but absolutely breathtaking. See the beauty and bask in it.
If you tryna catch flights (One of my absolute fave pastimes as Sag/9H heavy person) go visit some countries where you don't speak the same language. Fuck there's all kinds of apps n shit for that now that will assist you from interpreting the foreign language, to transportation...
& with the ever advancing technology, thank the Goddess for mobile GPS and not having to try to figure out how to get around via paper maps and getting lost like Eddy and Patsy when they went to France, lol...but, that wine tasting scene made up for all of that time they spent lost. Watch:

Do shit like that with your soul fam, your friends, your love(s)…remember to live while you are alive, not just exist. Enjoy it…now…and when you get those things you think are worthy of waiting until after.

Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

John Lennon

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