Protect Ya Neck


Energy vamps. People that project their shitty ass attitudes and terrible energy onto you…

Chief Keef

I’m pretty sure no one likes that shit, lol, but I’m just going by the interaction I had earlier and I was like…you know what?????

Cuz honestly, sometimes, other people’s energy be so strong and they try their best to bring you down to their level just bc their ass is stuck there. & instead of giving into that energy and lowering my shit, I said fuck that.

Folks like that, you have to leave their ass right where you find them andddd that point where they got you fucked up at. Because it’s not fair for that shit to be projected onto someone else.

I mean…life. We all got shit going on. Shit ain’t always sweet 100% of the time. Again, life. but you don’t bring that energy to anyone else, cuz it’s not theirs to carry/experience.



That’s my rant for the evening. & I’m actually really proud of myself for not taking that bait and taking on someone else’s shit. Cuz in the past I woulda took that sh and ran with it. It would’ve become my stuff, that’s wasn’t even mine.

I’m in a good ass mood. It’s Saturday night, Scorpio season & I’m spending a very chill night at home rewatching the last season of Insecure (hilarious and so, so good!) before the premiere tomorrow night. I’m hella juiced for the new season, but I’m hk 🔑 bummed it’s the final season.

My M.O. is:

Because I refuse to allow that to happen. You hear that shit?

I REFUSE TO ALLOW IT. & that’s how you keep your power-so you don’t have to worry about taking it back. #powerkeptbitch Lemme get back to this amazing ass show (If you haven’t seen it, get ya shit together and get into Insecure on HBO/HBOMax). It really is good as fuck.

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