What it really is


She said “yes”
To herself

& decided to grow a garden that was always tended to
No matter who
Was around or absent

Gave herself the biggest gift: being present
Accepting love from whole sources-no exceptions

Or expectations
In love. Pure meditation
of energies to higher realms
No longer trying to be her higher self
Only her favourite

Completely sacred
Knowing that time is never wasted
Once you stop fakin

Or settling for the mundane
Life and love equally should be experienced passionately

It’s my passion to be:
The love of my life before someone else can become the same to me
She said “yes” to belonging to herself, faithfully
Before we shared love, energy and time

A supreme being. & a love sublime
We share and exhale
Inhale the newness of completeness
Oh darling, we have only just begun the sweetness...
Dame dulzura

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