Pt. II


shook. cuz aint no such thing as halfway crooks.

& that's on Prodigy
a word on impeccability
1 of 5, that I agree thanks to don Miguel Ruiz

my 6th
is to sit with love a bit...
& ponder

when i was younger
i was so much fonder
of love 

wrapped in shiny packages.

with no thought put into these "gifts"
i just wanted to share a bit

I just wanted to receive
a new compartment for my unnamed grief
and fears of abandonment

when I went to a place i discovered on accident
challenge met
disguised as love
two beating, hopeful and passionately fearful hearts described as "Us"
covered in lust
& what i knew to be was love

its supposed to be rough
otherwise what are we doing here
if we not shedding tears
thats the way love i thought for many years

i adhered to that standard
keep bleeding in love, fandom
a romanticized artificial prize

my eyes, your eyes
they didn't fail
imbalanced on every scale
no Libran energy or centering
of me
it was only you
& for you it was only me

we forgot ourselves.

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