Call It…“Robert”


At the family function


& big cuz on the music has the gumption

To step

In the name of love

Based on general consensus, not assumption

That it’s ok

To play

The pedophile on the 1 & 2’s

Cuz for years uncle Andy been the elephant in the room

& Has groomed

Several cousins to touch his trunk


we here

It’s a family affair

we vibe, we get drunk

On denial

that we house, we protect, we refuse to hold accountable our own familial pedophiles

Swept under the rug

We continue the waltz;

1, 2…1, 2

step in the name of love

Electric slide then cupid shuffle into generational trauma

The old timers

Sip their wine

Sip their gin

Andy grins

& once again is welcomed in

To acceptance:

“It’s just music”

to the ➡️

“Shhh, stop bringing up old shit, don’t be a nuisance”


We just tryna have a good time…

Stepping in the name of love

Stepping all over the bones and ashes…innocence & trust

“Hey, shut up”

The Killers

Among us reside in our village…

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