Robert Nesta Marley, Aquarius


I love being able to witness nature. It’s so effortless in doing its thing. Natural.

We humans (well most of us Westerners) live an unnatural life. And definitely not according to nature.


this was supposed to be a gratitude I’ll stop 🛑 right there and not get into us destroying this beautiful planet and how we celebrate the New Year at the wrong time of the year..

Ahhhh. Ok.

Lemme exhale.

Matter of right back, going to make some roasted dandelion root tea and breathe..

place my phone down and be present, & do things that are not only good for my mental, emotional and spiritual health, but physical as well.

& dandelion roots???

So good! & SO good for my body.

& I have made an agreement, or several, to do better things for my body. To be way more intentional in loving my vessel. So lemme do that.

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