12-30-2020 meds


People really speak death into their life and into the lives of their loved ones. they speak of all things they don’t want. they speak fear. they speak trauma. And at some point, I think we’ve all been there in our own human, headspace; learned behaviour based on what we’ve seen growing up, from trauma we’ve experienced

and loss

and heartbreak

and defeat

and things not going according to plan-

according to our own individual human plan (where we think we are in complete control of the entire Universe)

and we get in that funk and in that space to where that’s the only thing we think about

the only things we speak about.

The bad days, the bad times & the bad experiences…so we allow these things to dictate our current experience. Listen, I get it:

It’s A LOT! (& also reasons why I think that EVERY Black person should be in therapy-& bc of slavery & the generational trauma done to us; it should be FREE) but that’s another post for maybe a future time.

Right now I’m here to remind you because the message was brought to me this morning during my morning meditation:

Speak life into yourself.

Speak life into your situation. Speak life and love into your family & your friends.

The words we speak become the house we live in.


I’m here to remind you that as this new year approaches to speak good things, do your best to think good things.

There is power in the tongue

and I truly believe that we have the power to speak life or death into our lives. We also have to do the work of healing, growing and evolving, etc.

So, as a loving reminder, (& I know it’s not easy all of the time especially if there is chaos or sadness around you).

I urge you to figure out the best ways for yourself to become grounded:

Find a routine that works best for you; starting first thing in the morning-I mean as soon as you open your eyes and realize that you have been gifted another day:

Say: “Thank you.”

Say aloud or to yourself, you can also write this down if you keep a journal next to you:

Write down or speak at least 3 things that you are grateful for today.

What are you thankful for?

Start there.

With gratitude so you can make sure that your gears are shifted in the right position, before you even get out of your bed.

You are in charge of your day. You are in control.

Let the choices you make, from the moment you wake up, steer your day in the direction that you would like it to go in.

& yes, there are people out there…who…don’t have any peace of their own, or joy, or even love..that they set out to destroy yours.

& you know what’s wild? Sometimes these folks don’t even mean to be that person, or don’t even know they are being that person; because unfortunately, at their current state and vibration, it’s what they know to be.

Some people…it’s their role in life-to remind you how to be and stay centered in your peace, no matter who comes at you with what.

It’s the position that THEY are meant to play…that don’t mean that you have to participate back 😎

Do your soul and your peace a favor and read (especially the chapter): “Don’t Take Anything Personally” from one of my favourite books that I will recommend until my last breath! Because it changed my life THAT much, in such a positive way:

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz.

Take your power back…and your peace.

Love yours



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