Piscean. Gemini, Taurean, ya seen?


I am surrounded by and with love.




personal, romantic & familial…


& so much peace.

The journey…the good, the bad, the crazy, the throwing my shit over the balcony at her sisters apartment in Texas.


Her brother in law

doing donuts in the parking lot of the mall she worked in…because she decided that getting into a physical altercation

whilst he was driving, was a good idea.

That journey also includes being loved by the softest and the most gentlest woman, Goddess, friend and lover.

A Gemini.

One of the most loving and kind humans I have ever met. Who chose to love me purposely and fully as she looked to me for the same.

The pain from that relationship remained…until, it was time to change.

And I was ready to accept and learn the lessons that she brought me.

Those are only two of the umpteen things/people/experiences/opportunities/etc that I am

so grateful for.

All things align.

And for all those things, big and small, lean and wide…everything.

Cuz it led me here.

To this love…This joy and this bliss.


the authenticity for me.

It’s the authenticity OF me.

Cuz I walked this earth for many years not knowing who I was. Pretending and blending in as Piscean as my rising would allow.

I knew what I was told to be. I knew who I was expected to be..but never told to just be.

I knew of discrimination of sexual orientation from time. I was about 13

Still climbing mango trees. And riding my bike in the breeze

as my other cousins were up to something

A little…way more feminine

I was a fan of da Brat and Kris Kross fashion


On an island.

the looks. Smirks.

Judge Judy’s pretending to be loving “aunties” and friends and acquaintances of whom you didn’t even have any type of relationship with.

All of those gestures, the Christian lectures & the messy…helped me to become as strong as I need to be.


In a world of pretend to be

vs authenticity.

I don’t regret anything or anyone.

The right ones show up when there’s a lesson to be learned…& because of the shit I’ve been through…I’ve learned to discern.

Like a motherfucker 🤙🏿

& for all these things, all the things, I am thankful.

Blessings & genuine love manifest in my life abundantly and harmoniously. And consistently. Effortlessly. My cup runneth over.

Give thanks 🤙🏿🌞

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