Thank you. I Love You…reminders


I love the image and caption above.

& the message below is where my soul sent me:

In your lifetime you will be/meet several versions of yourself…they weren’t all the best versions of you but you, still. In your skin. Operating from your current level of consciousness and cognizance…love all of them.

Appreciate all of who you were.

Celebrate all of who you used to be


All of those different versions of you;

the lives you have lived…

All of those you’s led you to your now You.

And as you continue to grow, evolve and change, you may become a different you…several mo times.

Don’t forget to love them, too.

All love.



Love you,

Love me

and her

and them too

and who I am becoming.

& all of you, too.

Peace. Bless 🤙🏿


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