My thoughts in regards to process:

Accepting that it is: a process.

& some of these beautiful and love filled, grand ass gestures you are asking from the Universe (the small ones, too 🤔)

All the things

and beings

that you are seeking


to your Ancestors

& guides

from this plane and the others

Spirit guides. Animal guides.

Human guides and esp mentors

Trusting the process

And all of the details that might take time to emerge and blossom




Growing into this being who is not only able to align with it

& Attract

These things and human beings-

But someone who is also able to maintain and sustain these relationships and opportunities (for as long as they are meant to be a part of your path), to be able to handle and keep your blessings & receive the infinite ways that love shows up in your life.

Continue to give thanks for and appreciate your now

and your back then.

Give thanks for all that is to come.

Now, tho, you are here.

You are you.

In your own skin.

What will you do now?

Give thanks.

Be a human you would like to be around.

Be the change you wanna see and be.

-whilst doing your best to not neglect yourself, in the process.

You: a work in progress.

Yo. No matter how farrrrr I may go and speak about completely separate lessons in life, lessons in growing…it always circles right back around to self in some aspect.

You are the biggest part of this process in navigating life…

Navigating the promised (never)land


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