Oh, Sinnerman



“These expensive

These is red bottoms

These is bloody shoes…”


Lovecraft Country on HBO. Wow.

A series based on so much…legacy and history.

Some histories that…some folks would like to forget..

some even pretend that these things don’t exist, currently.

Violence against Black people…for simply trying to exist…

In a nation stolen, with a People stolen…and built by the Blood… sweat, labor and the lives of our Ancestors…

They don’t want you to be aware of those stories.

But. Fascism…this dude even just issued an executive order…so that he may tell…America may only tell their sugar-coated stories and histories.

They want to bury their history; their hate and the monstrosities


Believe me

These stories shall be told.

Stolen legacies.

Stolen histories and stolen bodies.

Stolen language and cultures.

Stolen religions and indigenous practices of spirituality.

These stories will be told.

Kudos, to everyone involved. I am on my 2nd time around in rewatching this, & if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend Lovecraft Country.

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