Proud Boys, Disgraced Nation


This happens to be one of my favourite songs.

The lyrics below

tapped into something that I was in process of conjuring up. A piece I wrote. & I had my Amazon music- (yep. Not Tidal. Not iTunes, not even goddamn Spotify) playing in the background as I’m typing away at the keyboard writing this piece.

It’s a weird time weather wise and racial climate wise here in Florida. Well. Not weird. Normal because…racists gonna racist


Seeing the trump/pence flag up…recently put away a confederate flag…in the yards of neighbors…


Also the climate here due to Hurricane season…the weather surely is weird and abnormal due to humans fucking up shit-i.e global warming/ climate change…so these systems and storms are coming back to back and more frequently…shit is all fucked up, smh.

I said all that to say that I’m sitting outside on the closed screen, enclosed? porch listening to the rain, the frogs, the crickets or idk cicadas 🤷🏾‍♂️ maybe…whatever the fuck species of animal is out here in this area that my cousins home is…I’m hearing all of em.

& I kinda, ok a lot. I like it a lot.

Is it humid? Yes.

Is it unbearable? No.

It’s peaceful. & quiet. & I feel comforted, surrounded by nature, which is love.

It’s…alive…& all the sounds and noises I hear remind me of life. & that, I fuck with.

On the porch. A bottle of Elysian Space Dust. My laptop and life, happening so audibly.


I Wrote my peace.

Wrote this piece; inspired by the All Lives Matter people.

The Liberals who are literal…

& live in their bubbles

Of privilege.

and non proximity to humans and people who are suffering, & have been suffering.

“we can’t breathe”

& neither…can the trees.

Engulfed in flames

A nation engulfed in…shame

And. Pride.



inspired by:

Unable to put that aside

The sins of the forefathers and colonizers…cannot hide

Seeing these images and videos of the fires all over the PNW…This is so horrific and…the fact that we have a person who is supposed to be the leader, denying climate change, has disbanded environmental and pandemic agencies…and yet, his rallys are always packed.

Fucked up thing about it..,even after all of the shit storm he has created & perpetuated

he still has the support of a v large base.

& they’d rather watch their own country burn 🔥🔥🔥…rather than…

oh I dunno, hold these corporations that are trashing the planet, accountable & ensure that they all have green and planet friendly compliance. Instead of allowing them to do as they please

Because of their company holdings

Have a lot of these politicians on their knees

A lot of campaigning should be relabeled: Corporate funding


toxic waste, polluting the air quality, the soil, the waters of certain zip codes & neighborhoods.

The poor towns.

The Black & Brown hoods.

Pipelines through sacred lands.

Breaking and dishonoring treaties.

AHS: A Dishonorable Nation.

These proud boys.

& the others.

The title less

American terrorists

would rather watch their country burn


Cities, neighborhoods, people…unrest.

No justice.

No peace. Still.

Even in a pandemic niggas still gotta worry about being killed.

For no reason

Armed & uniformed

Body cams switched off

A new season of treason

Believe it.




They’d rather watch the country burn 🔥

But it’s not their lives that are affected so it’s not their concern

They’d rather watch it burn


Than afford the same rights, protections, respect, opportunities, etc…

To the descendants of the humans whose blood, life and labor were stolen due to capitalistic behavior

after the lands were stolen

from the natives, indigenous & Mexicans

say…tell me again,

what this “pride in your country” means

Maga hats. Flags waving.

Hating a man for kneeling

& not pledging

allegiance to upholding

white supremacy

instead of holding their own people accountable.

The psychological damage

Of centuries of having to manage

Being at “home” with no keys

To the kingdom your Ancestors built…

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