Piscean, ya seen


They say that full moons are indicative of endings. Closing of chapters…well. Fuck then it must mean that there is also a new day, new way, new beginnings and new possibilities on the way. I sure the fuck hope so. Cuz 2020 has been a crapshoot for the planet. To be fair (& honest) it’s not the year that’s fucked up. Nah. It’s the systems in place, capitalism, racism, the upholding of white supremacy over the value of human lives, specifically, Black ones. 2020 ain’t do shit, fucked up humans did. It just caught up to us-alongside some really powerful astrological transits that are forcing the lies we’ve lived, to the forefront.

Fuck. I didn’t even intend to talk about this shit, tbh, but alas…how can we escape it, or neglect it? I think that’s the point. So this pandemic is illuminating the sins of the fathers, the founders and plunderers. Conquistadors and pirates…still piloting these ships. Captaining..

2020: caption this.

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