Strangers Asking For Poetry


Bar lights

Midweek, bar nights.

I was minding my own Black business when she came up and ordered a tequila.
“Heyyyy! Aren’t you the same Syncere that used to perform erotic poetry in Atlanta?”


I been distanced myself from that same scene- as my ex who is now working the same dream.

Left that town, on a break, clean.

My eyes divert upwards.

Right hand clasps my glass-as if a genie was gonna come outta that bitch 🥃 and grant my ass a brown hued wish-to be transported to another time and place where this stranger wasn’t in my face…sharing my personal space.

I nodded.

“I knew it!”She was excited. I remained the same. Wasn’t in the right mind frame-for reminders of past flames.

I motioned toward the bartender for another, neat.

“Soooo what?”
“Are you gonna write me a poem?”

I shake my head.

“What?! I remember all of those kinky poems you used to perform. I’m sure you can come up with something!”

I grabbed a pen and a napkin.

This is really fucking happening.

Scribbling down thoughts in a smokey bar, for a stranger asking for poetry..

I was done very quickly:

“Love is a drug and it can be as pleasing as it can be damaging to the heart, mind and senses. Don’t ever lose yourself. Love hard, Love fully, but don’t be senseless.
The end.”

I take a hit from my vape 💨

She picks up the paper and looks at me kinda strange.

She reads it again. Motionless…Until…movement.

A single tear escapes her eye.

She looks at me with pain, also confusion.

I’m guessing she was expecting an emotional erection.

All I wanted was a drink and to shoot some pool.

I exhale the kush and get up from my barstool.

She stood there, staring at the paper.

I continue audibly:

You are your own greatest love & the creator of your story.

Love yourself like only you can. Others will follow.

Welcome to my mind; I go deep into the abyss.

Knowing that time doesn’t exist.

Moments do. Love does. So does heartbreak. Life is all of this crazy beautiful shit.

I drink the whiskey in a single gulp and walk out the door.

& underneath that neon sign, me and Radiohead align

As I sing softly:

“For a minute there, I lost myself”

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