Black Hole 12th House Sun


It seems

It feels


No matter how close you get to someone

How much love and life is shared


Some way

Some where

During some time, the folks you love disappear

You lose them

They lose you

You lose hope

Maybe it’s Pluto

Or Saturn in the 7th

Present for the present of presence

Because one day, they might eventually go away

No longer trying to save or lose face

Lost faith

In building longer lasting connections

Gained knowledge in others projections

Not able to see me or my reflection

A mirrored image.

A privilege to have a team to scrimmage

& a village

It takes a home inside to manifest on the outer

Strong doubter

In words when it’s absurd to not acknowledge actions

Motives, intentions and over-reactions

All to

Thee satisfaction;

Of my 12thH Sun

The work.

It’s a process.

As I listen to Work In Progress

with Sophia Bush.

Concur we got nowhere to look-but within ourselves

Within our shelves.

The closets we keep within ourselves.

Open for business but fully closed

I stand here naked and fully clothed

No longer opposed to feeling

Poised for healing

Dealing with ceilings in open air

Take a breath. Grab a chair.

A chaise

Sit and reflect on all the ways to transcend this fucking energy

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