YOU Dream of Genie


When I dream, I no longer dream of labour…

As a 4 Life Path

& coming up with a Taurean Mum who I witnessed work her ass off, as well as a grandmother who did the same…I came out the womb puttin in work.

There was no room or space for what we refer to as laziness, skating by, or even idle hands. That’s not what I saw as life.

So, naturally, when I began my own journey of working in the world, hard work, like really hard work/manual labor and I were always connected & aligned.

From back breaking work (like jobs where I was the only cis-gendered womxn in the company of all huge ass dudes, but pulling the same weight) to hauling huge ass packages when managing a multi million dollar company.

To “manning” the grill for an on site BBQ catering company in the dead of summer (peak season, obvi), lifting/moving/transporting big ass grills, fryers, all kinds of huge ass equipment and then having to wash equipment and pots so huge that I could literally fit myself in…it’s never been a game or a breeze for me, bc that’s not how I was raised. That’s all I know/knew.

I saw the hustle growing up & what it took to be the very best, even if you walk in the door as the least qualified.

That never mattered to me. The job or task I was assigned would always be done at 120% at least. So. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve BEEN about that labour.

Been about that hard work and dedication (at times, to the detriment of my health and at the expense of relationships- Capricorn South Node vibe)

Until I realized that even though the checks and figures increased, it was unfulfilling. My body ached. My sleep was irregular (oftentimes being the “CLOPEN Manager- Close the restaurant late at night, then right back at it to open…usually I got up around 3:45am-4) my eating habits were shit bc I wasn’t paying enough attention. Injuring my back & having sciatica…while still being at work…that is a pain I wouldn’t wish on ANYONE. But my ass was still at work.

Falling off the back of a pick up truck one night whilst unloading equipment in the rain and landing all of my body weight on my thumb…not a fun time. At all. Slicing my finger with a ridiculously sharp blade that could easily cut through bone…I mean…those are only some of the things I experienced physically. Mentally, emotionally…stories for another time, but the labour…I’ve had plenty years to experience and appreciate the difference in working for a paycheck vs working for a passion.

Working for a cause. For the betterment of my community.

When I dream, I no longer dream of labour…

There is no “dream job” for me.

I want my reality to be centered around pleasure & fun, family & friends (same) & absolute stability.

Preferably in close proximity to the ocean or some beautiful bodies of water.

When i put in work; it is community centered; to uplift & build.

I want to create for fun, not finances. Create because I’m inspired & moved…& to move throughout the world, at my own intentional & peaceful pace.


…the sound of the ocean, soothes my restless soul

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