I’m just gonna refer to life as wild asf, from now on. Cuz it really fucking is. I’m so grateful for the folx I align with & happen upon (absolutely not a coincidence) on this journey.

I just realized after reading a group message I’m included in regarding a charity raffle that…oh wait but first, let’s talk about this raffle!!!!

I’m so happy & honored to be a part of this. bc the funds raised are going to some really, really amazing community, QTPOC, women led/owned organizations…and that really makes my heart and soul do like…cartwheels and backflips and shit.

So ok. In this message I realized that some of my favourite (famous?) eh…that word…folx with pretty huge platforms…are in the same message. Holy fucking cannoli. & I just noticed…What a time 😂

Give thanks for the humans who double as healers and for real super heroes who do what they can to assist and advocate for others. This is what life is becoming more of for me and I’m so fucking here for it. Being of service to the world…really makes me feel purposeful. Makes me just…feel good, ya know? Like I have this finite time here on Earth, and to get to be spending it helping other humans who are often so neglected, left out of not only conversations and rooms, but all together, left out of the equation when it comes to funding…to advocacy.

So to live in a way that aligns like this…is such a blessing and a gift to be able to do and to want to do this work. It damn sure isn’t always the easiest or most glamorous, but it’s incredible and i wouldn’t trade being in a position, any position to help and give back, for anything.

There are so many human beings who need us to care. Some who even depend on folx to care and the work they do surrounding that.

As an Aquarius I’ve always been for humans. But being actively involved and working with folx and organizations who support humanity and especially marginalized communities…it’s a different vibe. A whole new kind of love to fall and become into. My journey led me to these places, faces and spaces…on purpose. But I wasn’t always this involved.

My South Node in Capricorn really had me thinking that life was about serving your pockets & being only concerned with working hard asf (to the detriment of my own health & interpersonal relationships) to achieve more, be more “successful” have more shit that I didn’t even need. & after having earned, bought, received these things…it made me realize that I was still unfulfilled…& not truly happy.

I come from a background of having a very sweet Pisces ♓️ grandmother & an extremely loving and very hardworking Taurus ♉️ Mum-who has been working within the social services field-advocating and protecting women and children especially…from time. Before I was even born. She also worked in the corporate/financial world. so growing up, I saw the dynamics of struggle, hustle mentality & those ways of life, and also the compassionate ways of being; my grammy cared for everyone in the community and fed anyone who was hungry, gave what she could.

I witnessed my My Mum working 2 jobs at times (which is why I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers house) to achieve all that she did (Have you met a Taurus ♉️ that fucks around when it comes to their coins/stability/security?) hell naw and neither do Caps ♑️ and also witnessed her give her very last to a neighbor who was experiencing hard times-to where we had to go without.

I’ve seen her become a Mother to the motherless. Wipe away tears and comfort babies who were going through withdrawals from the moms addiction, and couldn’t stop crying. She has raised…possibly, actually I’m pretty sure at least a million dollars for the homes, for children…all while being thankful and grateful to God (yes, my fam is VERY religious) that she is able to do those things. Til this day, she’ll WhatsApp and say something like: I am able to do this because of Gods grace” & although I don’t share the same faith, belief in religion as she does, that doesn’t make it any less important or beautiful.

So. Life. Is wild. Cuz after so many years of working in the corporate world, leading my own path towards what I thought was important and happiness…I find that I am more like my Mum and Grammy than I ever thought I was.

Roots strong. & extend through the bloodline…Give thanks.

Oh! Also, since my SN is in Cap…that means my North Node is in Cancer ♋️ and I be feeling all the things! (now, lol) and that extra loving pull to be more & extra loving to my fellow humans.

Especially the ones who need it most. This is the path, y’all. The journey led me. Give thanks 🤟🏿

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