Legends Never Lie


The world. The entire world…is going through some sort of crisis or chaos…from hunger & poverty, homelessness, racism, homophobia, anti Black, anti Trans, Anti Semitic…Anti Women…then there is the pandemic, earthquakes and hurricanes, indigenous folx and lands still being stolen and humans are being displaced from all over the globe.

Humans are being trafficked.

Slavery still exists in many parts of the world,

In many forms-including the prison industrial system…

I don’t know what to make of it all…

I don’t think there is a way to.

How we can be so “free” while also being so oppressed.

It’s so fucking wild.

To have this American/1st world privilege, but to still be considered less than human in that world-

Not a person.

& An threat…simply by existing.

& then there are places that I wouldn’t even dare visit, based on me just being me & for the safety of my being.

There are places I can’t publicly share my thoughts, feelings, opinions without fear of retaliation &/or violence.

There are humans who don’t have clean drinking water.

Women who can’t sit at the bus stop, without being killed.

Women and children who are being kidnapped and trafficked.

Families displaced. Kids kept in cages in the freest country in the world…and etc etc etc


Financial privilege (& ofc racial privilege for non Black people) allows a taste of, or the feeling of…the illusion of Heaven. So maybe we can’t see beyond the veil…beyond the experiences other than our own…to really realize that this is what hell really can be/is.

Christians and religion(s) who believe in Hell as a place that (if you’re a “bad” person) you go to when you die…

Um. No. We are living it.

Self induced, white supremacy induced, greed and capitalism induced…Hell.

Nobody knows what tf actually happens after you die…otherwise, they would be coming back to tell us, there would be proof…not stories made up to scare people into blindly following a system that profits off of and is a huge part of oppression of poor people.

Wars have been started because of religion and “Gods Will”

Mass murders have been committed…in the name of God…so. What exactly is the criteria for this heaven/hell thing? & how do humans get to decide who is worth dying / being sacrificed in the name of God…

This same system that mistreats, disrespects, abuses, exploits women…don’t get me started on the abuse of children with the ‘Lics…but religion is used as a tool to erase the beautiful history and cultures of people all around the globe, convincing them to abandon their own people and spiritual systems.

Conversion therapy in another form.

I’m telling you, I was down with all of it, because it was indoctrinated as absolute fact, until Saturn 🪐 came through

Don’t do it..


Read some liter-

ature on the subject…

Cuz I was all in with my faith in religion (well 🤔 mostly in; bc the fact that they told me I was going to hell & gonna burn for my “sins” of simply loving another human being who just so happened to be born with the same parts as me) for a LONG time I was a believer in things unproven, stories that were supposed to be about “the one true creator/god” that are actually copied from other Creation and Messiah stories & mythology, prior to the origination of this religion…

So. I evolved [hella] post Saturn return & began disassociating from ✝️ and organized religion as a whole and found God within the trees, everything in nature, myself and others…Goddess. Divine Feminine. Duality & realizing you not always gonna be a perfect fucking human. But you learn and do better- do your best. Shout out also to another Book (other than the Bible coming up in that southern Baptist life) but this book that changed the game for me, too

I also happened upon (yes, happened upon, down at the town square-shout out to Schmidt) a video & some lectures that really solidified the whole heaven/hell thing and how the logic makes absolutely no sense.

Because as a human being yes, you can burn. After you die and decomposition occurs…ya body is dun sun

& if we are made up of energy/energetic beings…(& energy can never be destroyed)…how the fuck can fire burn us if we have no physical body to burn 🤦🏾‍♂️ smt.

I just…so shout out to a very wise Sagittarius ♐️ BH…

🤔 ima digress…swing back round…cuz I really think that it’s my 8th House Scorpio ♏️ placement that had me reading and becoming engulfed in the book of revelation as kid. While they were telling me to read other shit like the 10 commandments and to learn all the names of the book of the Bible at Sunday school…I was like, nah.

Fuck all that other shit. Cuz if all this fire and brimstone could happen in my lifetime, bitchhhhh. I would rather know what to expect- my Aquarian logic, even as a kid was poppin 😂

I was like ok lemme read all the spooky stories about the horns and the hellfire…smiting…all that shit. & it really had me thinking & convinced that Hell would be looking like dih:


Not to mention:

With a motherfucker…that according to the deets in the Bible, could very well look like this 😳


As a kid when I saw this movie & I was liiiiike:

👀 If ths is an accurate depiction of Satan….Bitch I ain’t NEVER going to hell.

Fuck being gay-you see them horns and those teeth?

That obviously didn’t work, because…

The gayestqueerestlesbianest…yah all that. & very happy to be.

So. in conclusion (probably not bc I can definitely run on foreva-

Nah, ima stop right here though, cuz I’m tryna rest a lil bit, amidst this huge transition happening in my Universe currently…& also wanna see if ima be disappointed or not in part 2 of the Umbrella Academy.

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