Before F•R•I•E•N•D•S


There was Max, Khadijah, Regine, Synclaire, Overton & Kyle.

The OG’s.

We are living (Hey)
And in a nineties kind of world
I’m glad I got my girls)

Keep your head up, what?
Keep your head up, that’s right
Whenever this life get tough, you gotta fight
With my homegirls standing to my left and my right
True blue, it’s tight like glue

Living Single.

Imagine living, like really living your best life, as a human who happens to be single.

Ok. So. It’s been an exhausting few days for me. It’s 3:16 AM (now it’s 3:43 😐) & i don’t feel like typing shit all over again…so. I’m just gonna post the screenshot of my feels:

I used to always associate and seek happiness outside of myself. I relied on outer influences to dictate my level of…”okayness”

It took years of solitude, soul searching (& honestly, celibacy) to appreciate life, as is…no strings attached to a relationship/person outside of myself.

It’s wild asf.

I remember reading the Alchemist for the first time after a huge break up. I felt so lost.

& I met the Boi.

The Boi’s name was Santiago
He was chasing what he thought was his treasure and hearts desire…went on a whole ass (& v necessary) journey…into the unknown & subsequently, into himself.

That. Shit. Is. Wild. Highly recommend.

The way the Universe shows up for you once you realize that you are the sum of all parts of the Universe…is unlike any other vibe.

you end up (well, I hope you do. This is what happened with me) falling in love with yourself, with life and life echoes that love right back to you in the form of the sweet & amazing humans you align with, beautiful opportunities and priceless experiences…things and people that remind you that YOU are enough reason to celebrate life to the fullest.

Shit is real. Once i became aware of the frequencies I was emitting, had to work on changing it up. From being sad about the quality of my love life, to being grateful for all of the love that I had exchanged & experienced and continue to experience-in infinite forms.

Happiness is an inside job.

Love is an inside job that can’t help but to expand and flow out of you…Once you let it.

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