Water bearing Sun


& Mercury.

So. You know how some people (prolly a lot of ppl) say that Aquarius folks are misunderstood?

Well. That makes sense if you take into consideration they are ruled by not 1, but TWO planets.

& yes, there are others also co-ruled; like Pisces and Scorpio, but like…with Aquarius…what a fucking oxymoron of energies to put into one person 😬

Check this out:

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus and their natures express diametrically opposite worldviews.

Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy and tradition. He’s cold, selfish, conservative and fearful of change.

Uranus is the planet of ultra-progressive thinking. He’s original, inventive and an advocate of change and reform.


So like…we are influenced by such radically different energies…we have to figure out how to understand our own damn selves too, lol.

& that’s where the work gets fun/not fun. & trust, it’s A LOT of work. This is why we can be solitary creatures. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely worth the work/process of learning & knowing thyself, but what a ride for this particular Air sign

Trying to find your own rhythm and a healthy balance of the two planets…but once you get it, just know it won’t always last and you might lean to the left more on some occasions and vice versa.

Ah. What Sophia Bush calls it: A Work In Progress.

Always. In progress, in process…the work is everlasting because we are becoming the highest, most amazing version of ourselves. That ain’t an overnight thing. Cuz more often than not, you gotta UNLEARN a bunch of shit before you even begin to learn how to do and be better.

So. On behalf of all my Mercurial, Sun and all placement Aquas, I feel you. I overstand. As the 11th progression in the zodiac, even if most of the masses don’t understand or accept us in all of our expressions…it’s ok. We were created to bring wata to the masses. The humanitarian that pours into others; we are the ones we been waiting for.

Mixing golden seal and wine, holding a 9

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