This age


You know…when you start getting all nostalgic and shit…& realize, you’re beginning to repeat to others; specifically younger folks, that the music you listened to, films, fads, etc you grew up fucking with & loving is infinitely better than what “the kids” nowadays are listening to & calling it music. This is more about movies rn, but.

Yeah. That age. So. Going through my 80’s baby memory banks, this came to mind:

& of course as a kid, I found Betelgeuse hilarious, but watching later in life I realized the creepy & at times low key cringe worthy behavior. The cartoon was pretty cool as far as I can remember. I enjoyed it.

I still fuck with this film as a forever classic from that era. I’ve always been a fan of dark humor, black & white aesthetic, gothic type shit…I used to only go to the mall for hot topic (later on, Spencer’s), music stores so I could listen to whole ass albums & bonus if it was a mall that had a Barnes & nobles with a music section. I spent hours reading magazines, books & listening to music at the same damn time. Walden books. Sam Goody. That nature store that had crystals in it. Blockbuster video.

fuuuuck I wish those were still around. Can you imagine texting someone and asking them if they wanna “make it a blockbuster night?” & y’all meet up and each spend time going up and down the aisles and showing each other your favourite films…no matter how old, or what genre, films that resonate with you and you love…i was too young for the blockbuster date experience and I’m finding now that I’m still quite salty about it lmao!

Well. Yes. This age.

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