Cudi coverage


The lonely stoner

All alone-r

Catapulting on this spinning center

Half Janelle / half Jidenna

I could never remember

The meaning of “gone til November”

Until I remember…seeking refuge & being a fugee

Seeking home away from home to feel like home

To feel like love to feel like beauty

To feel that breeze

To feel that comfort of being me

Comfort in my skin

Comfort from my kin

& not strange stares from strangers

Who see my authentic life and scream “danger”

On the hunt for dykes, trans bois and bears-they all become park rangers

And me…visibility in community is endangered

A species of human.

I make my movements

As intentional as can be

20 year road to freedom…I’m hoping this will be

Home, for me.

The lonely boi, loved and lonely

Day and Night

I search for the meaning of me

Until I acknowledge that I’m meant to be

Regardless of radical Christianity

Telling me. I am not

That I should be invisible. Unheard

Or that I don’t deserve:


A family

To piss, a pot.

I prefer a wok

8th House Scorpion feelin like Papa Doc

A hibiscus growing between an 8 mile rock-

And a hard place. The States

They don’t make it easy on a nigga.

Being black or being gay

I’m Serving the world a fucking double entree

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