Sentimental…loves. Cancers


And all of the things that I said that I wanted
Come rushing by in my head when I’m with you
14 joys and a will to be merry
And all of the things that we say are very
Sentimental gentle wind
Blowing through my life again
Sentimental Lady
Gentle one

So I went to make a post on my Instagram Story that played the song, “Sentimental Lady” by Bob Welch. Since I didn’t know anything about him other than this particular song that I love….

I thought this journal entry / Blog is important to record and document. Because this was the first time EVER that I actually googled:

“Is___________ (in this instance, Bob Welch)

PRIOR TO considering it adding/accompanying any music to my art.

Wild. As fuck. New. Not sure & still processing, but, look what we are currently living in & amongst…for Black people, been living amongst, but I believe that covid19 ensuring that people had to slow down enough to bear witness…Anti-Blackness. Racism. Police brutality…Globe wide

And Inequality.

Food Apartheids




Fast fwd to the Googling.

So what actually came up in my search history was about him being a member of Fleetwood Mac-which, yes thanks to American Horror Story AND working with all white folks in 1 of the wealthiest suburbs/towns in the state:

-We had a Pandora (yes Pandora, 1 of the owners is a Cap) so they played all kinds of shit I had never heard, but loved once I heard them. & Stevie Nicks & Fleetwod Mac was one of the artists.

I did not grow up listening to them but I do love some of the music- especially Stevie Nicks’ voice…it’s such an…phenomenal, just raw and beautiful…I have to I adore it.

Oh, back to Google:

So I found out that he was in Fleetwood Mac and then…I found out how he passed away. & upon reading it, I realized the irony of it being cancer season. So I immediately looked up his zodiac and he’s a ♋️ Cancer Moon…ALL THE FEELS.

Reading that, I kind of understood more…the cancer moon and the way he passed away…was by suicide. Going by the information I found, he adored his wife Wendy. After spinal surgery and a negative prognosis…he didn’t want her to suffer.

Recalling seeing his own mother and father go through the exact same thing where his father became an invalid and his mother had to care for him…and seeing the toll that it had took on the family, he decided for himself that he did not want Wendy to go through that. So he decided to commit suicide. He didn’t want to burden his wife / family. Wow.

If you have a Cancer in your life…give them, send them, show them EXTRA love right now especially. It’s their season…& the world is in lk 🔑 chaos…there are A LOT of human beings suffering and hurting right now. Trust me when I say this: they feel it.

Be a little extra tender with them.

Sentimental Lady

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