What’s a real relationship?

What’s a fake relationship? (aside from the publicly staged ones)

So. a chain of texts isn’t real conversation? 🤔

Sometimes folx communication styles are better with writing/texting, tbh. But, I also kinda get that for another who is more comfortable & prefer speaking…the text only or text mainly thing could become an opportunity.

-to learn that you have very different communication styles and…go from there. Act accordingly.

I appreciate honesty and loyalty. Authenticity and autonomy. A friendship and a partnership. The main ingredient is always love. Respect is paramount.

I appreciate communication in all forms:




Healthy boundaries

Couple & individual therapy

To address any insecurity

& possible past traumas

& current triggers

I appreciate dates in the park drawing you stick figures…

Because drawing isn’t none of my gifts

I appreciate trips

To farmers & night markets

supporting local, street vendors

Experiencing all the Wonders of the world, going on Earth benders

Making you breakfast in bed, and for lunch; sea moss in a blender

Loving you


Loving you…tender

I appreciate poetry and writing you love letters in cursive (apparently it’s ancient now)

Hearing the sound of your voice- whether on the phone or in person

Makes…the earth shift

& we achieve balance.

Not always easy & as humans, we are never perfect

But navigating this thing called life…your love and mine aligned…you damn right it’s worth it.

This. Is my version


I appreciate you, Miss Simone

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