Hillman & such


We exist

In two very different worlds- but


the same frequency.

For me

Gratitude overflows

Because what if I had never aligned with such a love.

Such an…vibration

& fierce, compassionate, eloquent expression of a human.

Two different worlds

Two girls. No guy. And local craft flight

Those Piscean moments I spent envisioning your smile

Acknowledging and loving your wild

& how you choose to run alongside the wolf

We would read books in the bath

Midnight soaks

1am strokes


we live in different worlds; Same love- Different folx.

What an honor it is, to even love you from afar.

To love you and leave you, as you are.

Acceptance is liberation. Love is everlasting.

And for alluhus (all of us), I want happiness…even if it’s not being experienced with me.

Love is everything. And a gift, that keeps on expanding. Give thanks

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