Dearest Mummy



Call ya Mum.

&/or dad.

& tell her


Them…that you love them.

If you haven’t become even more hyper aware of the finiteness of life during this pandemic…

Life isn’t promised and the next moment is uncertain.

I was gonna send her a WhatsApp. Then I was like…

You know what…

She should hear me say it. Because when I do, I can hear the smile in her voice when I call after texting her to have a blessed night.

A smile through the phone. It’s ya Mum…you just know.

& I’ve realized as I mature and age like fine wine (don’t @ me, my Venus is in Cap…lookitup) but on some real shit tho…the importance of a phone call. Of taking the time to talk about nothing, or the weather, current mental & physical health, jokes…or whatever else. I cherish these conversations and the connection I am continuously cultivating. It’s been a journey to get here. But all in all, the message I’m prompted to share with you is:

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