Oh my love…


Oh my love, a thousand kisses from you
Is never too much
I just don’t wanna stop
Oh my love, a million days in your arms
Is never too much (never too much, never too much, never too much)
And I just don’t wanna stop…

Getchusomebody…Who feels like that ⤴️

Who loves you unapologetically and…without reason.

the highest, grandest expressions of love

You are deserving of it. I am deserving of it.

Luther be knowin

You’re only ever “too much” for the ones that aren’t meant for you; either currently because they themselves have some growth & learning/unlearning to experience…or they just simply aren’t for you. At all.

Whom ever. What ever….

Source/forces of love, balance, the Universe…frequency & vibrations that aligns humans together…sometimes brings us folx who are unable to support our mental, emotional or spiritual health and well-being.

& through no fault of their own; it’s their current level of consciousness & understanding…

So, Yeah…you may just seem too much for them.

Everything ain’t for everybody…& along with discovering this, comes discernment.

& what a beautiful ass gift that is.

You are worthy of love and you will be loved, profoundly. If you accept this, believe this, know this…

Discern. Love yours.

Love always,


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