back2thefuture: Tbt to my past wcw.


I just tuned into a Live of someone I used to have such a crush *see lust/desire/my 8thH Scorpio powers were hella activated with her ♏️ placements…I was intrigued and drawn in with those things…sexual energy/chemistry, but not much more else.

Well. Any. Fucking. Way.

I tuned in to the Live right quick after receiving the notification-she barely does Lives & I’ve never watched any she’s been on before.

But I wanted to test my own shit and see how or if I would still be affected by this femme fatale…

I wanted to see if the spell was broken 🔮


I clicked right back out of the Live.

I’m so goddamn grateful. What I learned a lot from that experience was…to learn from that experience, lol.

I mean seriously. I am a

Always will be (Big up to one of my fave Podcasts) Because the work is never ending. & I don’t mean work as in physical labour. Nah, I’m talking about that soul work; shadow work…figuring you out and all the ways you keep yourself (or allow others) to keep you small.

The work is calling your own self out for the bullshit you gave/received and why.

Figuring out (& embracing) that self love is a FULL TIME job and that includes shit from understanding, enforcing and honoring your boundaries and those of other folx.

Ummm…and that it is absolutely not selfish to, in a sense, “take yourself back” from others, even if it’s little by little. Even if that means you start somewhere like saying, “No” to things and to people that don’t have your best interest at heart. Your “no” is as sacred as your “yes” and being like

Is acceptable and you absolutely have that right to decline invitations, requests, etc. If you not feeling it, go with that. Learning how to trust yourself is another part of it.

from what I’ve experienced and learned thus far…I could go on forever on what the work might entail…but I’ll save those for other instances. This post (bc digressing is a reality for me) was about my fucking TRIUMPH 💪🏿

& understanding, more so remembering, that everything ain’t for everybody. & that’s ok.

Ok. Yes.I believe in that woo woo shit of everything happens the ways it’s supposed to. I do. & I’m grateful as shit for my no’s as much as the yes. Grateful as shit for discernment. Hella.

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