Astro Heaux


The Full Moon is calling…the fever is high

And the wicked wind whispers and moans


Same, same, same.

For as long as I can recall…I’ve always been this way. And…I don’t prefer it any other way

Have you ever gotten a chart reading and interpretation from a professional Astrologer?

Yeah I couldn’t tell you what that ⬆️ means except prolly which signs are which. So. I highly recommend hiring one. Cuz after doing my shit the old school/old-fashioned way myself: Cafe Astrology

I was like…bih…I-

I realized that I didn’t understand hella shit, but I wanted to & I did exactly that; hired the assistance of an astrologer and she confirmed why my ass has always been so…”choosey?”

Idk what else to call it 🤷🏾‍♂️ but the energy & planet that is ruled by Venus is in an Earth sign

Matter of fact, the motherfucking goat 🐐

I just realized that it said that Venus in Cap folx are socially distant…bihhhhh I been about that life, pre covid19 🤣

Ok. I wasn’t like that prolly until…I hit my Saturn return and…baybay…I been declining invites since then 🤣

Here’s another one

This is accurate. Except the not affectionate or emotionally detached part. I have a Water rising and both my 5thHouse + NN are in Cancer…so, that doesn’t apply. At.All.

Also the easily sexually involved. Incorrect. Basically…if we fuckin…I see/feel there is potential for something beautiful/great/lit/transcending (8ThHouse Scorpio) within our dynamic; beyond just the physical attraction.

I’m also a serial monogamist-which I think also encompasses that 🐐 energy or wanting things to last/here for longevity. Umm, appreciating solid ass folx is also included in that.

So. I still fuck with it…they got everything else right in the image (as it applies to myself).

& see, that’s another thing about becoming interested in and studying astrology or your chart…because your Sun sign…that’s just ONE part of your existence.

It’s all this other shit and all of these other planets and transits that also have something to say/express/learn/transcend…through you.

So. Don’t be like how I used to be and get caught up in someone’s Sun sign & either:

Write them off or gravitate towards someone because…well…you have no idea what their Moon, Mars, Mercury, Rising…it’s so many things.

We are some complex ass beings and that Sun sign is simply a small fraction of the sum of our parts.

I love getting to learn and know myself more in depth. If you ever need any recommendations on a bomb ass Astrologer, I can send you some info.


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