Spin, spin sugar-cane


Born of the land of sun.

Sand & sea

Sugar cane and sugar plum, sweet.

Sugar apple

I grapple with a world uncertain

& the future of a planet inhabited by humans

& destroyed by them.


Lemme use the correct pronouns:

old world & modern day colonizers.

Eroding shorelines

& erecting pipelines

Straight through indigenous lands

Poisoning the waters

Air crisp, shrieks by the banshee, for the spirit of lost daughters

Kidnapped. Murdered. Trafficked

A Highway of Tears

I see. I am what you fear

skin tones that don’t



Covid19 2020: An Affair-

To remember

March…gone til November

Like the Fugees

Land of the free-

Refugees and asylum seekers: need

not apply

Karen needs a haircut, perhaps a dye




But, we’ve been dying since we were kidnapped from the shores of our homelands

We’ve been suffering since Conquistadors brought disease, suffering, and violence to our shores…

Exploited the land, the people and resources, yet, we the ones begging for more


I’ve seen tweets about getting “back to normal.”

Normal is not what the fuck we are going back to.

Normal equates modern indentured servitude

School to prison for profit pipelines

Uninsured, underinsured, underpaid humans

Undocumented people keeping your kale freshly stocked in Whole Foods thanks to their underpaid labor…with zero benefits



Fuck that

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