(Racial) Climate change


As the world turns

As the earth spins

I keep thinking of little Miss Flint

& how Michigan still don’t have clean water…

Syn, the Sun;

& Daughter of Diaspora

My bloodline has witnessed generations of slaughter

Erasure of melanated pixels like the Associated Press & the image of Vanessa Nakate from Uganda

This shit is not propaganda

Watch: When they see us.

When will they free us?

documentary: 13th

going on 30

Trayvon; 17, going on guilty-

as a black child, who’s only crime was existing in his skin

don Miguel Ruiz taught me about the biggest sin:

going against yourself.

But what do you do when the systems weren’t designed for you & rather, against you?

My grandmother laid hands

And prayed plans to a white man

Who never came

He saves, but who???

I find solace in honest conversations.

Communication on how our communities can be better & find unity within this intentional system of marginalization…

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